• The Andalusian PP will make an "unprecedented" deployment so that the message of change reaches all the municipalities of Andalusia
• The caravans of Pablo Casado and Teodoro García will join the candidate's caravan. NNGG will also do its own campaign
• The new website of the candidate www.juanmamoreno.soy makes available to Andalusians all the information about the campaign, the electoral program and the provincial proposals, the social networks and the contributions that users want to send

The deputy coordinator of the Andalusian PP campaign for the 2D elections, Toni Martín, this morning advanced some details of the party's campaign and the candidate, Juanma Moreno. Moreno will start the campaign on Thursday in Malaga, with a "fresh and innovative" act, and "will go around Andalusia several times" until the day the campaign closes, on November 30.

The Andalusian Popular Party will make an "unprecedented effort and deployment" in this campaign with the aim that "there is not a single Andalusian municipality that does not receive the message of change and that the only guarantee of that political change after 40 years of socialist governments can come with the Popular Party”, said Martín.

Thus, Juanma Moreno's 'caravan' will be joined by those of the president of the Popular Party, Pablo Casado; and the general secretary, Teodoro García. The entire Popular Party will be involved in the regional elections, and there will also be a permanent presence of other national leaders such as the spokeswoman for Congress, Dolors Montserrat; the National Vice Secretary of Organization, Javier Maroto; the Vice Secretary for Studies and Programs, Andrea Levy; or the president of the Xunta de Galicia, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, among others.

Nuevas Generaciones will also have its own caravan with which it will tour Andalusia to convey the illusion of change to Andalusian youth.

The deputy coordinator of the campaign explained that Casado and Moreno will meet on several occasions during campaign events, "something that the PSOE has more complicated," he said, alluding to the relations between the PSOE candidate, Susana Díaz, and the head of the party, Pedro Sánchez.

In addition, he highlighted the work of the Popular Party in the Government Program, in which eight annexes with provincial proposals have been attached. Both the program and the provincial proposals can be consulted on the candidate's website www.juanmamoreno.soy, in which there is also information about the agenda, social networks, a 'change kit' in which to download images, and a section so that users can contact and send their proposals to the Andalusian Popular Party.

The image of the campaign and the candidate will be present on the traditional electoral posters, to which will be added the image of the number one in the provinces. The PP will also have other supports such as mupis, canopies, and campaign vehicles with the image of the candidate.