• The president of the Andalusian PP denounces the partisan and electoral use by the PSOE of public institutions
  • Casado accuses "Pedro Sánchez, the close enemy of Susana Díaz", of making "a tortious instrumentalization of State institutions"
  • Moreno announces that when he is president of the Board, he will restructure the Andalusian delegation in Brussels "to help businessmen create jobs, because until now it has only served to provide an official car for Susana Díaz"

The president of the Andalusian PP, Juanma Moreno, has assured this Friday that from the Council of Ministers that is being held today in Seville "only electoral smoke will come out paid for by all the Spanish and Andalusian taxpayers", and has accused the PSOE of acting "without scruples, using symbols and public institutions for their own benefit at election time.

Juanma Moreno has closed today together with the president of the PP, Pablo Casado, the conference 'Europe begins in Andalusia', organized in Córdoba by the Spanish delegation of the Parliamentary Group of the European Parliament, where he has assured that this use of State institutions "demonstrates how desperate socialism has to be.” "It shows a lot of nervousness, they don't know what to do to save the elections, because they know they are going to lose the government," she said.

The president of the Andalusian PP has assured that Pedro Sánchez, "who has mistreated Andalusia from minute one, comes to Andalusia exclusively to take a campaign photo." He has said that Rodríguez Zapatero already did it ten years ago, "and the payment of 1.600 million of the historical debt that they promised remained at 2 million and some plots that nobody wants."

Moreno has affirmed that what should have come out of this Council of Ministers is the payment of the 4.000 million euros of extraordinary financing, the repeal of the toll on the Seville-Cádiz highway and an inauguration date for the AVE in Granada and Almería.

Juanma Moreno recalled that Andalusia has received more than 100.000 million euros from European funds, "but due to a bad socialist government it has not been possible to achieve the desired convergence", and has pointed out that the convergence gap between Andalusia and Europe it has increased by 12 points in the last ten years. "What has socialism done with those billions of euros?" She has asked herself.

Moreno has announced a restructuring of the Andalusian delegation in Brussels because "until now we have only had a beach bar to prepare for Susana Díaz's trips." "When I am president of the Board, that delegation will have the rank of vice-minister, we are going to set some monthly goals for it, and it will receive and help all businessmen and entrepreneurs, all those who want to produce and work," she said.

Moreno has ensured that the Government of Rajoy prevented the application of the single amount per hectare in the CAP, the so-called flat rate, which would have meant losses of up to 450 million a year in aid and would have greatly harmed Andalusian olive growers, and has called on the Government of Sánchez to negotiate in Europe "with the same capacity and the same professionalism"

The president of the PP, Pablo Casado, has affirmed that the Junta de Andalucía "has wasted 1.000 million in funds for employment" and has asked himself that, "if it does not negotiate in favor of the Andalusians, why is it meeting in Seville today the Council of Ministers?

Casado has accused "Pedro Sánchez, the close enemy of Susana Díaz", of making "a tortious instrumentalization of State institutions". "Freedom is the use of institutions for public and not private benefit, and it is unpresentable to make use of the Council of Ministers in an electoral campaign," said Casado, who has announced possible PP measures in this regard.

Pablo Casado has been convinced that Juanma Moreno will be the next president of the Junta de Andalucía, and has indicated that, with this objective, "he has the support of the entire PP in Spain and Europe."