The president of the Andalusian PP, Juanma Moreno, has assured this Monday that Susana Díaz has "the moral obligation to opt for one of the two things, aspire to the general secretary of the PSOE or continue presiding over the Junta de Andalucía", once " We have been told that he is going to announce” his candidacy in the socialist primaries.
Moreno has pointed out that the two positions are incompatible, and has recalled that Andalusia, a community as large as Portugal and with almost 9 million inhabitants, accumulates serious and numerous problems of unemployment, health, education and poverty. These circumstances, according to the president of the Andalusian PP, require "100 percent dedication" from whoever holds the Presidency of the Board, which is why it is absolutely incompatible with the general secretariat of a party, the PSOE, which, according to their own In the words of Susana Díaz, he needs to be "sewn up" because of his internal conflicts.
Moreno has indicated that, if Díaz finally chooses to be general secretary of the Socialists, "I would ask him to resign from the Presidency of the Board" and to activate the parliamentary procedure for his replacement. The Andalusian PP, he has assured, “will not ask for an early election because we are for stability. Another electoral advance would not make sense.”
“Señora Díaz is not capable of solving the problems of the Andalusians, and that is why she stages this flight forward. It's not that Andalusia is too small for her, it's that Andalusia's problems are big for her”, stated Juanma Moreno, who added that, with this decision, the president of the Junta “breaks her commitment to the Andalusians”.
"The Andalusians, when they voted, did not know that what Mrs. Díaz was thinking about was her personal priorities, not Andalusia or the Andalusians," he pointed out.
The president of the Andalusian PP considers that "it is not worth saying that everything is compatible", for which reason he has indicated that Díaz must make his option public as soon as possible, that is, the attempt to become general secretary of the PSOE or continue presiding over the Board. "It is not reasonable, it is not possible" to make the two things compatible, she has said.
Juanma Moreno has assured that the announcement shows that Díaz "does not believe in Andalusia" and has indicated that the indicators of unemployment, health, education and poverty show his "terrible management". Now, with the announcement of his candidacy for the socialist primaries, "he once again creates a new problem for us Andalusians, because he introduces an element of political and economic uncertainty," she stated.
“Mrs. Díaz has to show her face. Today he should have appeared to explain himself, to say what he is going to do and if he intends to combine both things", said the president of the PP Andaluz, who added that, if he wants to run for the PSOE general secretary, "that resign and start the procedure for his relief”.