The president of the Andalusian PP, Juanma Moreno, has assured today that the Andalusian government "has rested on its laurels" and that the Andalusians "cannot understand that, with the serious problems they endure, their president is flirting with being general secretary of his party."

In the official acts of Andalusia Day held in Parliament, Juanma Moreno pointed out that since the promulgation of Autonomy, "Andalusia has come a long way, like the rest of Spain, although not everything we want." However, she has assured that, subsequently, the regional government "has rested on its laurels, and the best proof of this are the problems of unemployment, in Health and in Education that we endure."

Moreno has affirmed that, on a protest day like February 28, "I miss a government dedicated one hundred percent to solving the problems of Andalusians."

The president of the Andalusian PP has also assured that "a majority of Andalusians want to improve their land, want a change for the better, and see the popular Andalusians as the only alternative for change."

"The Andalusians cannot understand that there have been three presidents in seven years, and that with the serious problems we have, the president is flirting with being the general secretary of her party," said Juanma Moreno, who has described this circumstance as "a lack of respect for the will of the Andalusians».

"It seems logical to me that the majority of citizens do not see with good eyes that she wants to be secretary general and also president of a community that has eight provinces and many problems," he said.