• Asserts that the only ones responsible are some leaders who have acted in a myopic and irresponsible way, thinking only of their interests.

• Indicates that the Rajoy government has acted with serenity, boldness and leadership

• "Let no one think that even remotely a minority is going to break the bonds of affection, fraternity and love between the people of Spain, Catalonia and Andalusia"

• Regrets that in Andalusia registered unemployment has dropped 8 points less than the average for the set of autonomous communities

• Ensures that the reason for Andalusia to be among the communities in which it destroys the most employment is to have a lazy, insensitive government and incapable of managing in our community

The president of the Andalusian PP, Juanma Moreno, has affirmed today that the Government of Spain and the PP are going to return to Catalonia everything that it has lost because of some leaders who are acting with their backs to their people, in an irresponsible way and with a myopic vision thinking only of their interests and doing harm to Catalonia and Spain.

On this point, he asserted that the Government of Spain, headed by Mariano Rajoy, has acted calmly, demonstrating his experience in management, with audacity and leadership.

During his speech at the 14th NNGG Provincial Congress in Seville, he insisted that Catalonia is one of the most important lands in Spain, which is why he stated that one cannot be thought of without the other.

Thus, he regretted that there are some leaders who are trying to break those ties after centuries of shared history. "Let no one think that a minority is going to break the bonds of affection, fraternity and love between the people of Spain, Catalonia and Andalusia", he added.

Moreno has stated that with this action he is impoverishing a prosperous land like Catalonia, trying to confront within it but also with the rest of Spain. “We want to give back what Catalonia deserves. Give it back prosperity, dignity and capacity”.

On this point, he has ensured that the PP is committed to fundamental values ​​such as the unity of the common and shared project that is Spain and has stressed that the elections in Catalonia next December are timely and necessary because they represent a framework and a horizon of hope and illusion. "What comes out of the polls is essential for the future of Catalonia and to heal wounds."

In another order of things, he referred to the situation that our community is going through and for this he has alluded to the latest data and recalled that registered unemployment has fallen in Andalusia by 8 points less than the average for the set of autonomous communities.

It has also indicated that from October 2013 to October 2017 unemployment has fallen by 20% in Andalusia, while in the same period in Spain as a whole it has fallen by 28%.

Moreno has stated that this is reflected in the active employment policy, for which reason he has regretted that Susana Díaz promises to contribute to the creation of jobs, and permanently announces the reactivation of training for the Andalusian unemployed and yet does not execute the budget .

For this reason, he has denounced that Díaz has accumulated between 2013 and 2016 a total of 2.365 million unexecuted active employment policies and has lamented that employment is not being created in our community at the rate it should.

In this way, he has said that in Spain there are two communities that are the ones in which the most jobs are destroyed, one is Catalonia and the other Andalusia. “What are the reasons why employment is lost in Andalusia when the rest of the communities create it? The answer is that we have a lazy, insensitive government that is incapable of managing Andalusia."

He has regretted that in Andalusia we are left off the hook because while other autonomous communities create opportunities in our community we remain stagnant for which he has ruled that the only person responsible for this happening is the PSOE.

Finally, he stressed that there is nothing sadder than a government that wants a people asleep and anesthetized in which nothing changes and everything stays the same, for which reason he has encouraged the young people of NNGG to work with intensity and commitment to show the citizens that there is another way of doing politics.

“You have to be brave but you must never forget that we cannot get away from norms and laws because you always have to comply with the law. We must work with loyalty and with the heart that we put to the issues. That feeling that young people have is what will be the engine for the great change that we are going to build together ”, he concluded.