• "Díaz intends to govern Andalusia in the XNUMXst century with recipes from the XNUMXth century, and that is causing the collapse of basic services", he said.

• Esteban González Pons: “Maduro and Puigdemont are two sides of the same coin of populism. The procès is Chavismo in Spain”

• The president of the Andalusian PP closes the days 'Andalusia in the European Context' that have brought together Andalusian MEPs and parliamentarians of the PP in Malaga

The president of the Andalusian PP, Juanma Moreno, has assured this Saturday that the Andalusian PP is a useful party for the Andalusians "while Ciudadanos has decided to be useful to the PSOE, the powerful one, the one who manages the budgets", and has recalled that this week PSOE and Cs have prevented there being a plenary session in the Andalusian Parliament requested by the Andalusian PP "to talk about one of the biggest problems that Andalusia suffers, the management of health, and when very serious things are happening, such as deaths two people in the emergency room because nobody has taken care of these patients or that there are doctors practicing their profession without having the approved specialty”.

Juanma Moreno has closed today, together with the spokesman for the PP and first vice-president of the EPP Group in the European Parliament, Esteban González Pons, and the president of the PP of Málaga, Elías Bendodo, the days 'Andalusia in the European Context', which have brought together Andalusian MEPs and parliamentarians of the PP for two days in Malaga to discuss common issues between Andalusia and the European Union.

In closing, Juanma Moreno highlighted the role of the Government of Mariano Rajoy and the PP MEPs in negotiating the CAP, where 47.000 million euros were obtained for Spain, of which 26.000 have been for the Andalusian countryside.

Moreno has underlined the value of European aid, but has pointed out that in Andalusia "problems begin when the Board has to co-finance these projects, because the rest of the communities have their accounts in order, put their own resources and are capable of attracting more resources" , but that does not happen in Andalusia.

He has pointed out the importance of circular and collaborative economy policies, linked to environmental protection and which are capable of generating a lot of employment. “Europe is working on a new production model, but Andalusia lags behind, nothing is done. We see the opportunities go by, while they are entertained by their internal messes and concerned only with staying in power, ”she said.

Moreno has assured that "we are not like Mrs. Díaz, who questions Europe, who doubts its values ​​and its consistency." “We do not doubt, we want to improve Europe, consolidate it. We believe in Europe as a lever for change and convergence", said Juanma Moreno, who has accused the PSOE of "wanting to govern XNUMXst century Andalusia with XNUMXth century recipes", and that the consequence is that "basic services are collapsing ”.

Regarding the independence challenge, Moreno has assured that "in Spain there will never be unilateralism again, nobody is going to get up one morning and want to create a republic, and we owe that to Mariano Rajoy, who is going to avoid nonsense with all the means at its disposal.

For his part, the PP spokesman and first vice president of the EPP Group in the European Parliament, Esteban González Pons, assured that the independence process "has lost in the EU, the process had hopes for the response of the EU and in the countries of the EU, but they have not had any institutional support and they will not have it”.

The EU has understood, said González Pons, that "it was not about rights, but once again about populism and nationalism."

“In the EU they are aware that the procès is Chavismo in Spain, they are aware that Puigdemont is Le Pen in the Catalan way. I would like the same thing to be clear in Spain, and for the process to end in Spain, because either the process wins or Spanish democracy wins, ”he explained.

“Only by triumphing over Spanish democracy can we put an end to the process. Spanish democracy cannot be if the procès triumphs. I hope for this reason that our democracy can defeat those who prefer the national populism of some to the democracy of all, ”he said.

“The proof that the process is national populism is that the international support they have is Chavismo, which is capable of both supporting the process and expelling the Spanish ambassador in Caracas, because both are against our democracy”

González Pons announced that the PP is going to present a battery of initiatives in the European Parliament, including the appearance of the High Representative of the EU for Foreign Policy, Federica Mogherini, to explain the position of the EU regarding the expulsion of the Spanish ambassador, and the presentation of resolutions "demanding free and democratic elections in Venezuela without political prisoners and without disqualified candidates."

"If this does not change, we are going to ask that all EU countries withdraw their ambassadors in Caracas and that measures be taken against Maduro's leadership," he added.

González Pons also referred to Brexit, the departure of the United Kingdom from the EU, and explained that it is important to try to ensure that British residents in Spain can vote in municipal elections, since in some municipalities they represent more than 50% of the population.

For this reason, he said that if the final Brexit agreement between the EU and the United Kingdom does not contemplate the possibility of this vote, the PP will ask the Spanish government to reach "an agreement so that the British can reciprocally vote for their mayors" .

“What we want is that if the British are our neighbors they have the same rights as their neighbors. We accept Brexit because we have no other choice, but that does not mean that we want to get rid of the British who live with us”, explained González Pons.