• The president of the PPA assures that Andalusia will be the most attractive community to invest together with Madrid, which is the one that generates the most progress
• "Sánchez de la Moncloa must be thrown out democratically now because he has become a danger to Spain."
The president of the Andalusian Popular Party, Juanma Moreno, has guaranteed that the Popular Party "will leave Andalusia at the end of this legislature with the same taxes as the Community of Madrid." During an electoral rally in Córdoba together with the national president, Pablo Casado, Moreno recalled that he will make Andalusia "the most attractive autonomous community to invest in, comparing it to the one that generates the most progress, which is Madrid."

"The PP is a reliable party, because we comply with what we say," Moreno reiterated, while recalling that "the rest must be thrown in" in the three weeks remaining until the general elections "because Pedro Sánchez has become a pure danger for Spain”.

Thus, he recalled how last Friday he committed the "infamy of dragging himself before Bildu Batasuna" to carry out a decree law. "Pedro Sánchez de la Moncloa must be thrown out democratically now," insisted the president of the Andalusian PP.

The results of the next general elections will make Spain "take one direction or another, and Sánchez is a bad president who reminds us of Zapatero and will lead us to the same thing, to another recession," Moreno assured. "Sánchez is an accident, but in the PP we have a great leader who is Pablo Casado and who will be the next president of the Government of Spain," Juanma Moreno predicted.

During his speech, Moreno also recalled "the legacy that socialism has left in Andalusia." “It has been digging a bit and seeing that poisoned inheritance, in which there are, for example, 700 million in sentences for administrative bungling, 500 million without investing in the water canon or 6.000 from European funds,” Moreno specified.

He also did not forget "the audacity of deleting half a million Andalusians from the waiting lists from the shamelessness of a socialist government, which also had 34.000 dependents who did not appear on the lists," he criticized.

Before finishing his speech, Moreno recalled how the Government of change in Andalusia will also "finally" eliminate the Inheritance and Donations tax in the next part, "and next Tuesday your children and relatives will be able to inherit as they inherit in the Community from Madrid". “The PP complies. We said that the self-employed would be supported, and we did; We said that we would reduce the waiting lists, and they are already decreasing. and we said that we would put light in the shadows and we have created the most powerful anti-fraud office of all the autonomies”, recalled Moreno.