• Warns that Pedro Sánchez reminds the PSOE "of the five million unemployed" and "will agree with the radical left that wants to break the common project of Spain"
• "The PP is the only party that in its two government experiences has created eight million jobs"
The president of the Andalusian PP, Juanma Moreno, has defended that in the next general elections of the April 28 "There are only two options", a Government of Spain with Pedro Sánchez, "the ghost of Zapatero, who left five million unemployed", or a Government of Spain with Pablo Casado, who represents the project of the Popular Party, "the only party that in his two government experiences he has created eight million jobs for all Spaniards”.

In an act of the Canary Islands PP, Moreno has assured that the option of the PSOE will be to agree "with left-wing radicals from Podemos, independentistas from Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya, independentistas from the PdCA, and even coalitions of pro-Mexicans such as Bildu", who are "those who they want to break a shared and successful project such as Spain”.

In this regard, he has also warned that "the shadow of Zapatero is beginning to loom at the hands of Pedro Sánchez, the one who left a country in ruins with five million unemployed" to whom a PP government had to put "order" and now "In just nine months with the PSOE we are once again the country in the Eurozone with the highest public deficit, with a breach of the deficit target of 16.000 million euros."

For this reason, Moreno has encouraged them to close ranks around the Popular Party, "because" we represent a great political project that is the backbone of Spain.

"The PP is the workers' party because we make jobs, the PP has shed its own blood to defend the freedom and unity of Spain, and the PP is the only party that has had the determination and courage to tell the independentistas Catalans who want to break Spain that we do not pass through here ”, he added.