• "We have banished the sectarian socialism of 40 years in Andalusia and only in 100 days we have already complied with the 21 most important measures that we had agreed with the Andalusians"
• He reproaches the PSOE for bothering them about the Andalusian change because they have eliminated entities for socialist plug-ins and put the Junta at the service of the Andalusians.

The president of the Andalusian Popular Party and the Junta, Juanma Moreno, has assured in a party act in Malaga that "in the Popular Party we govern and manage better than the socialists", for which he has asked the Andalusians to vote for the formation of Pablo Casado.

"In the PP we are experts in building town halls in ruins after the PSOE governed, in autonomous community efforts and in raising Spain twice after the socialist governments," Moreno recalled, while setting the management of his government as an example. government at the front Andalusia, "where we have banished the sectarian socialism of 40 years" and where "in 100 days the 21 most important measures that we had agreed with the Andalusians have been fulfilled".

To ask for the support of the Andalusians for Pablo Casado in the general elections this Sunday, Moreno has highlighted the confidence in the formation of the PP because "we always say and we always comply".

Thus, he has reproached the Socialists for being "bothered" by the Andalusian change because "85 entities have been suppressed where there were only PSOE plug-ins that all Andalusian taxpayers paid for, because charges have been reduced by hand to save 15 million euros for the Andalusians, because we have opened hospitals day and night, operating one hundred percent, because we have lowered taxes, and because we have stopped the suffering of many Andalusians who have lost their inheritance because of the PSOE in the Junta de Andalucía”.