• Indicates that this sector is threatened by the Sánchez government that is taking steps forward and backwards
• Presents a package of measures for this sector, which is essential to have a modern society and a competitive economy.
• Regarding immigration, he ensures that things must be done clearly and with transparency so that those who arrive in Andalusia have the capacity to start a social and economic life with guarantee. We will make Andalusia the most competitive community in tax terms in Spain
• He asserts that when he is president of the Junta he will make Andalusia the most competitive in fiscal terms and will turn it into the locomotive of Spain

The president of the Andalusian PP and candidate for the Presidency of the Board, Juanma Moreno, today asked Susana Díaz to be clear and to raise her voice once and for all against Pedro Sánchez to vindicate the interests of the Andalusians and to defend the transportation sector in our community.

“I think the Andalusian economy is beginning to languish and it needs to be more competitive. It is essential to establish specific measures in sectors such as transport”.

Moreno, who visited the Integral Merchandise Center this morning in the Almeria municipality of El Ejido, stressed that "transport, which is essential to have a modern society and a competitive economy, because without it you cannot compete and because without it or neither the fruits nor the vegetables would reach Europe and other corners of the world”.

“Transportation is threatened by the Sánchez government, which is taking steps forwards and backwards. There is enormous uncertainty in the sector due to the rise in diesel, which is essential for the competitiveness of the transport sector”, he said.

He has also referred to the increase in tax pressure on the self-employed and the threat from the Minister of Public Works who has announced a toll on all highways in Spain, which means making this competitive sector more expensive and transport prices, which has an impact on farmers and on consumers.

The Andalusian popular leader has highlighted his proposal to increase the tonnage of road transport from 40 to 44 tons because, as he has asserted, "it is at a disadvantage compared to other international companies, which we cannot play at a disadvantage compared to other competitors".

In addition, he has stated that "when he is president of the Board, he will equalize the flat rate of the self-employed with other communities and all this accompanied by the BMI, which is the hope for the future that is nothing more than a Massive Lowering of Taxes".

“We will make Andalusia the most competitive community in fiscal terms in Spain.
We want to turn Andalusia into the locomotive of Spain and we want to be the most prosperous, richest region with the most employment, and we have the talent and capacity to do so”, he declared.

The president of the popular Andalusians has recalled the betrayal that the PSOE of Spain and Andalusia to one of the real possibilities of fixing the water problem with is the national transfer that, according to what has affected, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero erased after investing 700 million and lose millionaire European funds and all this with the complicit silence of the Andalusian PSOE that was unable to raise its voice to defend the interests of our community.

In this sense, he has assured that there are serious water problems in Andalusia, for which reason he has announced his commitment to expand the generation of 26 cubic hectometres of water for Almería with new water desalination infrastructures and without avoiding what are transfers from basins they have surpluses and where over water.

He has also indicated that the real possibility of bringing water to the whole of the Mediterranean basin and to Almería must be expanded and has stressed that water is going to be a priority for the PP government. "At the time I proposed a great pact for water to mark an investment calendar and to be able to anticipate the possibilities that climate change will generate in water deficit and to be able to maintain all the agrarian explanations."

Thus, he has referred to the importance of providing a solution to the treatment of agricultural waste and, especially, to plastics, for which he has affirmed that it is the Board that has to have a special dedication to help, facilitate and collaborate so that this plastic can be recycled generating economic assets.

In relation to rural roads, Moreno has lamented that these are abandoned, especially the basins and riverbeds, which causes serious problems and complications to arise when it rains a lot, to which is added that many times the owners find themselves with the wall of the Board, therefore neither does it do what it should nor does it allow the owners to do it.

For this reason, it has highlighted its commitment to implement a plan for rural roads and riverbeds so that they are cleaned every year in an orderly and planned manner, especially in the summer season to avoid problems.

Finally, he regretted that the PSOE has turned immigration into a problem and has managed, with Sánchez's attitude, to cause an unprecedented knock-on effect on the Andalusian coast.

“We want an orderly immigration based on the needs from the labor point of view of Andalusian society. The best favor to immigrants is that they do not risk their lives to get here where they have no expectations for the future. As has happened in other EU countries, we want an orderly immigration that facilitates the need for labor in a coordinated and planned manner to avoid the serious problems that may be caused and, what is even more important, to avoid the death of immigrants who try to reach the Andalusian coasts”, he added.

To conclude, he pointed out that things must be done with clarity and transparency so that those who arrive in Andalusia have the capacity to start a social and economic life with guarantee.