• Criticizes his abstention in the Andalusian Parliament before the proposal of the PP to support the Reviewable Permanent Prison

• He wonders where the president of the Board is, who talks about everything, but has not said about this PRPD debate.

• "The PP works hard, that's why I feel proud of a party whose president's legs don't shake"

The president of the Andalusian PP, Juanma Moreno, closed today in Córdoba the National Convention on Reviewable Permanent Prison together with the president of the PP, Mariano Rajoy. Juanma Moreno criticized the different positions of Ciudadanos on this matter and stated that "abstention is their natural state."

The leader of the Andalusian PP criticized the position of the orange party in the Parliament of Andalusia, where a Non-Ley Proposal in defense of Reviewable Permanent Prison has been debated. “In the debate –he affirmed-, the ignorance of the political organizations and the almost pathological obsession to demolish what the PP does was seen. And Ciudadanos has disappointed us again, in the end it has been shown that they are fervent defenders of the repeal.

Juanma Moreno wondered "where is Susana Díaz?" when recalling that the president of the Board "has an opinion on everything that happens, but in this debate she has not said anything", and she pointed out that the majority of the victims affected by the PRPD are Andalusian.

The president of the Andalusian PP was "proud" of being a member of this party that "leaves his skin" and of having a national president like Mariano Rajoy, whose "legs don't shake." "We are not a power party, but a state party, we have clear ideas and we are going to win this battle."