• "The PP is not going to reach the government of the Junta de Andalucía so that everything remains the same"
• He says that the PP "does not believe in the sanitary cordons" and that "the only red line is the Spanish Constitution of 1978"

The president of the Andalusian Popular Party and candidate for the Presidency of the Junta, Juanma Moreno, today asked the political parties "not to betray the spirit of change in Andalusia" after the 2D elections, and to "read the electoral results with heights of vision and responsibility”. He has especially addressed the "political forces of change" so that they "do not disappoint the hundreds of thousands of Andalusians who have placed their trust in the polls to achieve political change in the community."

During his speech at the Provincial Board of Directors of the PP of Granada, Moreno has asked the PSOE for "dignity" to assume "that it has to be in the opposition to regenerate" after forty years of socialist governments in Andalusia.

In this sense, he reproached the socialists who "want to block the change." “The PSOE refuses to accept defeat and that its time has passed. Now it's their turn to be in the opposition, "he said, while asking them to contribute to a" clean, stable and orderly transition to make way for the new Andalusian government.

“The Andalusians no longer want to wait any longer; The community has been paralyzed for too long after a legislature in which Díaz dedicated a large part of it to his personal ambitions in the socialist primaries, and then decided to advance the elections and paralyzed the government, ”said the popular leader. Moreno stressed that Andalusia "needs regional budgets for 2019 that provide certainty to attract productivity and wealth."

He insisted that "Andalusia needs change", and stressed that the PP "is not going to reach the government of the Junta so that everything remains the same". "We will govern to change Andalusia, health, education, employment policies, to lower taxes and regenerate public life with transparency," he said.

"The change is for Andalusia to work and banish the practices that we have experienced in the last four decades," he asserted.

In addition, he said that although there is an "enormous programmatic affinity" with Ciudadanos and "great coincidences" with this party, the PP "does not believe in sanitary cordons" because, he said, "they have always been to isolate and marginalize the Popular Party". He defended the "legitimacy" of the PP to listen to other political formations. "We talk with who we want, when we want and how we want, with autonomy and freedom," said Moreno, who stressed that the only "red line" for the PP is the 1978 Constitution. "Whoever wants to violate it is outside the reach of the PP." , sentenced.