• "You can't be afraid that things will get better"
• "Change guarantee means creating 600.000 jobs and making a tax revolution to avoid being taxed"
• "A Ciudadanos ballot goes to the PSOE ballot box, that has happened and it will happen"
• "If Díaz and Sánchez, who aren't really good friends, make love to each other, it's because the PSOE is nervous"

The president of the Andalusian PP, Juanma Moreno, today presented his candidacy for the Presidency of the Junta de Andalucía and called on Andalusian society to take advantage of "the historic and unique opportunity for change." He urged the members of the PPA to "be candidates for change" because "there is an Andalusia that, in a silent cry, is saying that 40 years of socialism is enough."

In an act in Puerto de Santa María before a thousand people, he called on PP affiliates and sympathizers to mobilize “so as not to regret it after not having promoted political change.
“This story of the PSOE is over and the stage of change is beginning”, he said and called on the Andalusians to “do something historic because nothing is impossible, there is a blank page that we are beginning to write with a better future.
Moreno assured that the 2D "are not just another election but a referendum in which the Andalusians decide if they want to continue with the same model of educational and health management, continue with a million unemployed and continue with the name of Andalusia linked to corruption ”. He added that in the face of this, "the only guarantee of change is the PPA" and stated that "you cannot be afraid that things will go better."
He explained that the exchange guarantee of the PPA means "creating 600.000 jobs to place us in the average for Spain, and not ten points like now, and making a fiscal revolution to avoid being taxed". He promised that if he is president of the Junta, Andalusia will have the same taxation as the Community of Madrid to "attract investment, productivity and employment" and assured that "whoever does not want Inheritance Tax, whoever wants a reduction in personal income tax and a reduction in the public rates of the Board, you have to opt for the PPA”.
He warned against the parties "that present themselves with the slogan of change but then agree with the PSOE, as they have done before." He recalled that "a Citizens ballot goes to the PSOE ballot box, that has happened and will happen." He also warned about a pact between the socialists and Adelante Andalucía, which has gone from 'With Susana not even dead' to 'With Susana to death'”.
Moreno stated that "we cannot allow Andalusia to have a government of socialists and radicals", as is happening in Spain." He added that Sánchez "is on its knees before the populists and the independentists, Spain is being governed from a prison and we cannot admit it." He urged the Andalusians to think that if they want the Algeciras Bobadilla, the AVE to Granada and Almería, and the investments in Andalusia to be negotiated in jail.

Juanma Moreno assured that "socialism is more nervous than ever before the loss of the government of Andalusia and that is the reason why Díaz and Sánchez, who are not bosom friends, make love to each other." He warned that "nervous socialism is very dangerous" and for that reason he predicted that "every day they are going to attack us, they are going to intoxicate us with fake surveys to convey that this has been done, that they are the owners of the farm and have decided that they are going to win ”.