• He demands that Díaz "make a proposal and not lie with dusted-off promises from ten, fifteen or twenty years ago, that once the elections are over they will not be fulfilled"
  • "Díaz seems to be ashamed of the initials of the party of which she wanted to be general secretary and her fellow party members told her that they did not want her"
  • He promises the road connection between Huelva and Cádiz to create a "synergy of progress, overcoming obstacles to protect the jewel in the crown, which is Doñana"

The president of the Andalusian PP and candidate for the Presidency of the Junta de Andalucía, Juanma Moreno, affirmed today in Huelva that "Díaz has to be very nervous when they have to ask his close enemy Pedro Sánchez to give him a cable." Moreno thus referred to "the staging of a lottery of millions for the Campo de Gibraltar" from the Council of Ministers, which she considered "a new use of the institutions of all for the benefit of the PSOE.

The popular candidate assured that the investments in the Campo de Gibraltar "are necessary but they will not arrive in the way that the PSOE says because they are plans that were underway and above all there is no specificity or investment calendar."

Thus, he demanded that Susana Díaz "make some proposals and not lie in the campaign with dusted-off promises from ten, fifteen or twenty years ago, that once the elections are over they will not be fulfilled."

Moreno insisted that "there is a lot of nervousness in the PSOE" and for this reason "it has to use the institutions, the Junta and the Government of Spain to make false promises." In this socialist nervousness he framed Díaz's decision to "make the acronym of the PSOE disappear from his campaign so that mismanagement and corruption are not penalized." “Díaz - she said - it seems that she is ashamed of some acronyms that she wanted to be general secretary and her party colleagues told her that they did not want her. Nor does she seem to be proud of her game.

Juanma Moreno asked Díaz for "more proposals and to stop hiding." She pointed out that she "has been saying for 25 days that he is happy, that I am glad, and that we do not attack Andalusia." She highlighted that "when we criticize her management, she says that we are insulting Andalusia, but when she calls us ashes and pimps, she does not insult." In her opinion, it is about the "double standards of the PSOE that gives cards of good Andalusians as it suits them."

He assured that "some are going to get an unpleasant surprise" on election day, because there is "a tide of people fed up with the PSOE, with bad management and bad government." He recalled that in Andalusia "there has always been a hidden vote" for the PP and predicted a "very good result" because "there are many Andalusians who want change and are thinking of voting for the only option that represents change, which is the PPA".


Juanma Moreno pointed out that the PPA has "a territorial commitment that the rest of the political forces do not have, with concrete and tangible proposals with each Andalusian province". She added that Huelva "is one of the provinces with the most possibilities, to which the PSOE has set limits and the PPA intends to return to Huelva the lack of affection of socialism."

The popular candidate expressed his commitment to connect the provinces of Huelva and Cádiz "to create a synergy of progress" and assured that it is possible to do so "overcoming obstacles to protect the jewel in the crown that is Doñana." In addition, he promised to make the "historic claim" of the A-483 split from Almonte to Matalascañas and the connections with the beaches a reality "to end the great traffic jams that hinder tourism in Huelva."

Moreno stated that Huelva is "the epicenter of the worst health management" and has the worst ratios of medical and nursing beds per inhabitant. He highlighted the "reaction of the people of Huelva to stop the hospital merger that would have been lethal for Huelva" and committed to "two complete hospitals, well endowed with means and professionals, which we are going to protect so that they do not go to Portugal or other communities”.

Finally, he indicated his intention to modify the Corona Norte plan "so that irrigators have legal security and can make investments" and assured that farmers "are being mistreated and ignored by the socialist administration, which has failed to understand the importance of the agricultural sector in Huelva and Andalusia”.