• Asks the parties to "know how to read the results" of the elections: the Andalusians want change and no one can break that illusion
• "Alternation in Andalusia was necessary to complete the Transition"
• Moreno, convinced that there will be a "frank, direct and fruitful" dialogue with Ciudadanos

The president of the Andalusian PP and candidate for the Presidency of the Junta, Juanma Moreno, today asked the acting president of the Junta, Susana Díaz, to "read the results" of the regional elections, and to "close with dignity" the stage of socialism in Andalusia after four decades of PSOE governments.

He has said that Díaz "has every right in the world to stay in the opposition", but has asked him "not to put sticks in the wheels of the change of government and that we have a calm, serene and orderly transition in the government of the Junta of Andalusia”. "The results are clear, the Andalusians want a change after four decades of socialist government," he stressed.

Juanma Moreno has made these statements during his speech at the closing of the Provincial Board of Directors of the PP of Seville, where he has insisted that the parties "must understand the message of the polls" and "know how to read the results" of the 2D elections . She has reproached the president of the acting Board that in recent days she has "closed contracts in the administration", bringing back, she has stressed, "the ghost of plugging"; or that she has hidden the Financial Economic Plan that they have presented to the government after having breached the spending rule, as denounced this morning at a press conference by the general secretary of the popular, Loles López.

Moreno has stated that both the PP and himself have a "political and moral responsibility towards hundreds of thousands of Andalusians who have asked for a change", and has stressed that "no one can truncate that illusion". Under the same premise of "responsibility" he has referred to the round of talks that the PP begins tomorrow with Ciudadanos, about which he has been convinced that it will be "a frank, direct and fruitful dialogue."

He said that "historic days" are being experienced that "have shaken the foundations of the all-powerful socialist apparatus" and that this alternation, which is "the essence of democracy", was necessary for Andalusia to take place "to end the Spanish Transition ”.

“Change is already here and it is here to stay; the change is for Andalusia to work”, said Moreno, who pointed out that he has “a team of people trained to govern and to implement the reforms that begin to improve Andalusia with enthusiasm and commitment”.

Finally, he referred to his commitments to Seville, among which he highlighted the complete metro network, the recovery of the Military Hospital, and the commitment to a powerful industrial sector. "We will be a close and committed administration, which will implement the blocked projects that have limited the development of the province," he concluded.