• "If Sánchez continues, we are going to have a serious problem because his economic policy is that of Zapatero, which led us to a long recession with massive destruction of jobs"
  • "We cannot consent to losing the dignity of an entire country due to personal ambitions and pacts with independentistas and friends of ETA"

The president of the Andalusian Popular Party, Juanma Moreno, today asked Andalusians to vote thinking about the economy of their families and the dignity of Spain. In statements in Malaga, he stated that in the next general elections "we all have a lot at stake", for which reason he asked for a reflection on a "pocket argument, in the face of the uncertainties of the economic slowdown" and also "a reflection on the dignity of the Spaniards, because we cannot consent to lose the dignity of an entire country due to personal ambitions”.

Moreno alerted "the middle classes to the danger of a bad government with radicals, pro-independence supporters and friends of Batasuna, which cannot bring anything good for Spain and Andalusia." He pointed out that all international organizations warn of a slowdown that encourages less employment, wealth and prosperity to be created.

"The policies of the PSOE and Pedro Sánchez are increasingly similar to those of Zapatero, which led us to a long recession that we Spaniards have suffered with massive destruction of jobs and companies," he said. He assured that "if Pedro Sánchez continues to govern we are going to have a serious problem in economic matters but, faced with that, we have Pablo Casado, who has an economic team that knows what reforms and decisions must be made so that the Spanish economy continues to create jobs and wellness".

Juanma Moreno stated that in addition to this "practical reflection thinking about the economic interests of Spain, Andalusia and families, we have to make another reflection on the dignity and future of our country."

He affirmed that "it cannot be, it is not dignified for Spain and the Spanish people, that by approving a decree law at campaign time, Sánchez has relied on pro-independence parties and, above all, on the friends of ETA." He recalled that "Otegui toasted with champagne every time there was an attack with fatalities" and questioned "what Sánchez will be capable of to stay in La Moncloa, with whom he will be able to agree."

Moreno assured that "the only party that guarantees the territorial integrity of Spain, that has cadres, teams, and strength is the PP, and Pablo Casado is the only leader that has shown tenacity, capacity, audacity, creativity and, something fundamental, sensitivity towards the problems of the Spanish”.

He concluded that "we need a president with energy, desire and enthusiasm and that is Pablo Casado", for which he asked "to bet on the middle classes and on the party that works for the middle classes against the conformism that the PSOE represents".