· "We can divide the vote so that in the end the usual ones govern or refine and opt for the PP, because we are good managers and the rest are scams"

· "Let a socialist never come to give lessons on social policies after the shame we have found in the Junta de Andalucía"

The president of the Andalusian Popular Party today opened the campaign for the municipal and European elections on May 26 in the Granada municipality of Ogijares, where he affirmed that the new government of the Junta de Andalucía is an "ally" of the Andalusian municipalities but "the change it needs allies in mayors and mayors to help us continue transforming Andalusia”.

Moreno assured that his government "is not only an ally of the PP candidates because we govern for everyone, with loyalty and neutrality." He added that the Junta de Andalucía "has a debt with many municipalities in infrastructure, investment, support and affection that I am going to settle."

He affirmed that “We want to continue making this change hand in hand with PP mayors who are full of hope and solutions because we are good managers. When we are summoned to manage, we do it well and we solve the problems of the citizens”.

He assured that the PP "is the honest option of prepared teams and with a project because we are people of the town who work so that the middle and working class live more and more, and the rest are scams."

He warned that "we can divide the vote so that in the end the usual ones govern or refine the vote and opt for the PP, because this is a great opportunity."

He encouraged the popular candidates because "they also told me that it was not possible for me to govern, that this was from the PSOE, but I have always had faith and only those who believe they can can."

He pointed out that “they also said that it was impossible to eliminate the Inheritance and Gift Tax and we have done so. In four months we have achieved what seemed impossible, we have created jobs and we are the second fastest growing autonomous community. When was it seen? That's the change."

Juanma Moreno stated that "we are teaching a lesson, demonstrating that it can be fulfilled and highlighting the lousy government that we have had in Andalusia in the last 40 years."

He gave as an example of socialist mismanagement the "almost 1.000 million euros that we have to pay in court rulings for not doing things right, almost 3.000 million in unjustified subsidies or the 4.465 million that are owed to the JA and are not They have claimed” “What government was there? Andalusia did not hurt, they believed it was a farmhouse and we Andalusians have paid for it, ”he said.

He assured that "we are changing all this in record time" and wondered "where was the socialism that supposedly had sensitivity to the most disadvantaged when half a million Andalusians were waiting for an operation or a diagnostic test". He concluded that "they did not care about the suffering of the Andalusians" and affirmed that "a socialist never comes to give lessons on social policies after the shame that we have found in the Junta de Andalucía".