• "If Ciudadanos has already opened the door to an agreement with the PSOE and Podemos has never closed it, the only guarantee of change is the PP of Andalusia"

• He reproaches Díaz for wanting to "instill fear" by suggesting to the Andalusians that "either they vote for the PSOE or there will be a blocked Andalusia"

• Juanma Moreno presents his government proposals for the fishing sector in Vélez Málaga

The president of the Andalusian PP and candidate for the Presidency of the Board, Juanma Moreno, today called for a "massive participation" next Sunday at the polls and has also appealed to the "responsibility" of the Andalusians in their vote, since, He stressed, "we are risking the present and the future." Moreno warned that in Ciudadanos they are already "beginning to assume" their willingness to agree with the PSOE. "The post-electoral political panorama is already beginning to clarify and today the leader of Ciudadanos in Andalusia confesses in an interview that he is willing to agree with the PSOE," said Moreno, who said that Ciudadanos' position "is an open secret."

“If Ciudadanos already opens the door to an agreement with the PSOE and Podemos does not close the door, the only guarantee of change is the PP of Andalusia. Anyone who is tired of PSOE only has the option of voting for the Andalusian PP ”, he reiterated.

In addition, he reproached the president of the Board and socialist candidate, Susana Díaz, for wanting to "scare" the Andalusians by proposing, as an "intimidating element", that "either the PSOE and Susana Díaz vote, or it will be chaos and the blockade" , for which he insisted on the need to mobilize massively in 2D in favor of an "alternative majority of change."

The PP candidate was convinced that the PP will get a good result in Andalusia "which will make a bloc of change possible" and opted for an autonomous model in Andalusia "less centralist" than the one that Andalusian socialism has built. Thus, he opted to locate some administration agencies in other provinces of Andalusia, outside of the capital Seville, so that the model is decentralized and "attends more to the plurality" of the community. In this sense, he said that the province of Malaga will be the most suitable to house organizations linked to technology, innovation and tourism.


Juanma Moreno made these statements in the fishing port of Vélez Málaga, where he presented his proposals for the sector. She said that socialism "has abandoned" fishing policies years ago, and revealed that since Susana Díaz is president she has left 107 million euros of the funds of the Fisheries programs unexecuted, more than 60% of the total. Especially striking is the degree of execution of the 2016 budget, Díaz "left 93% of the funds in the drawer."

He stated that his project is committed to "making fishing a strong source of employment" relieving the sector of burdens and obstacles to improve its competitive capacity.

Among the main proposals, he highlighted the commitment to the modernization of fishing infrastructures in ports, markets and anchorages, as well as for the fishing fleet. In addition, he proposed reductions and bonuses in port fees and more control over the conditions of entry of fishery products from other countries "that make us unfair competition."

He also proposed the creation of an Andalusian Fisheries Advisory Council that, contrary to what the Board has done, "takes into account the fishermen and workers in the sector when making decisions"; and the development of advertising campaigns that convey to Andalusians the importance of added value and the quality of our fish products

Finally, he said that it is necessary to fight against fishing poaching and strengthen local action groups in the fishing sector that reinforce their contribution to the development of the towns and regions of the Andalusian coast.

In the case of Malaga, he proposed a Specific Plan for the Modernization of the Malaga fishing fleet, and a line of aid to shellfish collectors for the purification of bivalve molluscs, something to which shellfish collectors in the province are obliged.


For Vélez Málaga, Moreno undertook to create the Observatory of Tropical Crops in the town, and to the execution of pending infrastructures such as the Carretera del Arco and the split of the A-356 from the A-7 to the Vélez-Málaga Tecnoalimentario park ; as well as the declaration of the Vélez Málaga tram
of metropolitan interest or the reforms of the educational infrastructures that the municipality needs.