• The president of the Andalusian PP calls for a great agreement from all the parties and the Díaz government that commits Sánchez to provide the community and city councils with financial and human resources
• Demands that Sánchez "stop the pull effect" with a serious and rigorous State policy

The president of the Andalusian PP, Juanma Moreno, today offered the president of the Junta, Susana Díaz, and the rest of the parties in the community, a Pact for Immigration in Andalusia that commits the government of Pedro Sánchez to a real calendar and material and human resources to meet the arrival of immigrants to the Andalusian coast.

Moreno explained that this pact also involves an agreement with the municipalities that are assuming the arrival of immigrants to urgently approve an economic shock plan that allows them to pay them the necessary attention.

He said that the lack of resources and planning is giving rise to "unusual" situations, such as groups of immigrants being "held" on boats because there was no place to house them, or another group of unaccompanied minors having to spend the night. in the courtyard of a police station.

In this sense, he demanded that Pedro Sánchez stop the "pull effect" which, in his opinion, has caused the "lack of a serious and rigorous State policy" on immigration. For Moreno, this 'call effect' has “shown Spain as a vulnerable country” for the mafias, which have “directed migratory flows” towards our shores.

Juanma Moreno insisted on the need to adopt this pact as an "urgency measure", in the face of the "collapse" situations that are being denounced by city councils, workers and volunteers who are attending to the people who arrive daily on the Andalusian coasts.

The president of the Andalusian PP criticized that both the president of the Junta, Susana Díaz, and the president of the government, Pedro Sánchez, "have not approached the receiving municipalities to find out about the situation, despite spending their vacations "at few kilometers from the epicenter of this human drama”.

"Susana Díaz and Pedro Sánchez are ignoring the drama of immigration," reiterated Moreno, who assured that if this situation had occurred with a Popular Party government, "the president of the Junta would have already visited Algeciras and there would be demonstrations against the government asking for responsibilities and measures”.

"Since the president of the Board is incapable of assuming her responsibility and raising her voice before the Sánchez government, I propose a great, real pact, with an urgent calendar and with resources," he stressed.

In addition, he said that the Pact for Immigration must address the need for urgent investment to care for unaccompanied immigrant minors, especially in reception centers that are currently "collapsed"; and establish a Special Plan for educational, social and health care.

He demanded a "change of policy" from the National Government that leaves the "goodness strategy" and treats immigration as a "State issue", oriented towards the objective of achieving "regularized immigration" and cooperation with the countries of origin, "with which it was possible to reach some agreements in other stages", he concluded.