• Susana Díaz has left 46% of the funds for business development unexecuted, 555 million euros

• Moreno is committed to a modern and strong Industrial Strategy that generates stable and quality employment

• Commitment to a Renewal Plan in industrial estates, business parks and areas of economic activity

The president of the Andalusian PP and candidate for the Presidency of the Junta, Juanma Moreno, today announced some of his measures to ensure that the Industry in Andalusia takes off and is a "modern and strong sector, which generates stable and quality employment". For this, he said that his government will approve a Law for the Promotion of Industry in Andalusia and an Industry Revitalization Plan, all within the framework of an Andalusian Industrial Strategy.

Moreno made these statements in Loja, on the land where, ten years ago, the Andalusian socialist government promised the construction of an industrial estate of which today there is only a metallic structure. Juanma Moreno said that this "skeleton", a "monument to waste" that has cost three million euros of public money, "is the best metaphor for socialism in Andalusia, with incompetent governments in the Junta that are lousy managers and incapable of getting afloat all the talent that Andalusia has”. Thus, she recalled that with the almost 200.000 million euros that Susana Díaz has managed since she was president of the Junta, she "has been unable to put Andalusia into operation."

For Moreno, the loss of industrial weight that Andalusia has suffered with the socialist governments is the result, precisely, of that inability to manage. In fact, he highlighted, at the beginning of the 80's, the weight of the Andalusian industry in the GDP was 20%, while now it barely reaches 11,6%. "Andalusia has lost almost nine points of industrial weight in the years in which more funds have arrived from the European Union for industrial consolidation", he highlighted.

In this sense, he denounced that Susana Díaz has left 46% of the money planned for business development unexecuted, a total of 555 million euros since she was president of the Board. She criticized that there are 555 million euros "in the drawers" and considered that the situation is serious enough for the counselor of the branch to have resigned and the president of the Board to have apologized to the Andalusians.

Juanma Moreno said that in order to "put the Industry to work" in Andalusia, he will implement the formula for a massive reduction in taxes and a "regulatory pruning" that simplifies and clarifies the legislation to expedite the creation of companies; in addition to the measures for the self-employed, especially for young people and entrepreneurs in municipalities with less than 50.000 inhabitants.

He also promised a Renewal Plan in industrial estates, business parks and areas of economic activity, and for Capital Goods, to improve their infrastructures and services and increase competitiveness. In addition, he considered it essential to bet on transport infrastructure, at which point he committed to a public investment of at least 600 million euros.


The Andalusian PP candidate was accompanied by the number one candidate of the Granada PP for the Andalusian Parliament, Marifrán Carazo, together with other members of the candidacy; as well as by the mayor of Loja, the popular Joaquín Camacho, with whom he promised to start up the regional infrastructures that the Andalusian socialist government has been pending for years. Among them, he cited the Loja-Ventorros de San José highway, the accesses to the municipality of Puebla de Don Fadrique, the concessions of the interurban transport lines or the Loja and Baza bus stations, as well as the Darro-Iznalloz highways or the Baza-Purchena