The president of the Andalusian PP, Juanma Moreno, has called for "more investment support" for the agri-food sector since it is one of the sectors, together with the services sector, that generates the most economic activity.

During his visit to the Los Remedios Picasat Cooperative in Olvera (Cádiz), Moreno stressed that "this sector generates many jobs and a lot of economic activity" and pointed out that "it needs more support and care from the administrations".

"Cooperatives have enormous potential for growth and expansion, so the Board has to make an effort and lower taxes, such as donations and inheritance, and of course also eliminate administrative obstacles," Moreno said.

Juanma Moreno has pointed out that "there is a great regulatory dispersion and that means that many cooperatives have an enormous and complex administrative and bureaucratic task to exploit their lands"

For the leader of the popular Andalusians, there are many millions of euros unexecuted to enhance the dimension of cooperatives, "something essential for a community like Andalusia."

Moreno stressed that "we must generate more added value by making an internalization plan, have more muscle with an increasingly broad sector where more mergers are allowed, with more production capacity, as is the case of Galicia with the milk or also in northern Europe”

The president of the PP-A has highlighted that "we are going to continue to insist year after year on the budgets to protect the agri-food sector" and has called for more research in development and innovation since this sector has a lot of room for improvement"

Finally, Moreno has emphasized that "there are many possibilities to multiply employment if measures are put in place and make Andalusia a leader in profitability and added value".