• The president of the PP Andaluz analyzes with businessmen from the sector the challenges of a strategic industry for the generation of wealth in the community

• Transfers the need to facilitate the generational change in the field to guarantee the continuity of the farms, as the agrarian organizations have claimed in Parliament

• Through amendments to the budget, the PP will request an increase for agriculture of more than 125 million, and that at least half of them be used to promote organic production

The president of the Andalusian PP, Juanma Moreno, has demanded today from the government of Susana Díaz that the Junta's budgets for 2018 contemplate through specific items a "strong commitment" to Andalusian organic farming, a "strategic" industry for the future of the community.

This morning, Moreno visited the facilities that Bodegas Robles dedicates in Montilla (Córdoba) to organic production, and held a meeting with businessmen from the region's organic production food industry, with whom he discussed the challenges of the sector and the needs that the Andalusian government must attend to most urgently.

The leader of the Andalusian PP stressed the "strength" of the agro-industrial sector in the community, and was convinced that its future requires a "progressive conversion" towards organic farming.

In this sense, he argued that organic farming generates "enormous added value" that is already creating "emerging markets" in Spain and Europe, for which he insisted on the need for the Junta de Andalucía to make an "effort" to promote the production and consumption of these products.

Moreno pointed out that organic production in Andalusia accounts for only 1% of internal consumption in the community, a figure that rises for the national group, but that "is multiplied up to 30%" in countries like Germany.

"We need to promote our own products, which are also of enormous quality," said Moreno, who stressed that the Board has "a lot of work to do," not only at the level of consumer promotion but, he stressed, in opening new avenues of commercialization and in the elimination of bureaucratic obstacles that, he said, "make farmers dizzy and make their task difficult." “The Andalusian government cannot be the one to put sticks in the wheels”, he affirmed.

The president of the PP Andaluz said that the Popular Group will request through amendments to the budget of the Board that the item allocated to investments in Agriculture be increased by more than 125 million, and that at least half of this increase be allocated to the development organic farming; for which he requested the support of parliamentary groups, especially those that support the Andalusian government, PSOE and Cs.

In addition, he referred to the need to implement actions, with budget support, to guarantee the development and continuity of agricultural and livestock farms, favoring their modernization and generational change. This is a demand that the representatives of the Andalusian agrarian organizations pointed out yesterday in their appearances in Parliament to assess the regional budget. "We cannot condemn so many agricultural and livestock farms to oblivion, with the direct repercussions that this has for the environment and the Andalusian economy," he said.