• It is committed to the permanent modernization of the factory and to "provide a rigorous image abroad that allows it to compete with other shipyards"
  • He is “concerned and alarmed by the profound ignorance of the PSOE candidate about the Gibraltar conflict. Either the government does not inform you or you do not read the reports "
  • The Andalusian PP candidate participates in a breakfast with 150 women in Jerez de la Frontera where he announces the launch of a great Andalusian Pact for Gender Violence in the first month of government

The president of the Andalusian PP and candidate for the Presidency of the Junta de Andalucía, Juanma Moreno, who met this morning with the works council of the Navantia factory in San Fernando, has underlined the importance of the industrial sector in the Bay of Cádiz and has supported the workers' demands for a guaranteed workload in the future, both civil and military.

Moreno has considered it essential to agree on a Strategic Plan that guarantees the future of the factory in the next ten years, thus providing stability and tranquility to the workers and their families. "This plan also has to take into account the permanent modernization of the factory, and it is also necessary to give a rigorous image abroad to be able to compete with any shipyard in the world", said Juanma Moreno, who has committed to " work to give stability to the shipyards”. "I will defend these shipyards tooth and nail," she said.


The Andalusian PP candidate has shown, on the other hand, his "concern and alarm at the profound ignorance about Gibraltar shown by Mrs. Díaz", referring to some statements made this morning by the socialist candidate. "These statements are not true, and that shows that either the Spanish Government does not count on it at all and does not transmit information to it, or that not a single report on Gibraltar has been read," he said.

Moreno has revealed that "the negotiation on the Gibraltar airport was rejected by Mr. Borrell because it was understood that it implied a range of co-sovereignty, the British did not want it and the issue is not in the debate."

In addition, he has referred to Díaz's allusion to Gibraltar as a border, "which shows that he has no idea, because Gibraltar is not a country, it is a colony, in the process of decolonization by the United Nations."

"If the Foreign Affairs reports do not reach you or you do not read them, at least the press should read them," said Moreno, referring to the PSOE candidate, whom he has asked for "attention and sensitivity because it is a very important for Andalusia and especially for Campo de Gibraltar”.


Before meeting with the Navantia Company Committee, Moreno has participated in a breakfast in Jerez de la Frontera with 150 women, where he has announced that his government will launch a Great Andalusian Pact for Gender Violence in the first month as president of the Board.

Moreno recalled that it is a pact that he has requested on numerous occasions during this legislature, and explained that one of its pillars is "networking" between political institutions, such as the Junta de Andalucía, City Councils and Provincial Councils, with associations and groups that work with women and fight to eradicate the scourge of sexist violence.

"To change things we have to add and push all together in the same direction, work in a network and multiply political action." In addition, he said that in order to make society truly change, more attention must be paid to preventing and fighting gender-based violence in minors and young people.

In terms of equality, he stressed that one of the challenges and commitments of his government will be the creation of female employment, whose unemployment rate is ten points higher than the average for Spain. "Things are demonstrated with facts, and the Díaz government has not been able to give women the same opportunities as men," said Moreno, who stated that there has been "a monumental failure of socialism and of Susana Díaz in Equality Policies”.