• The Andalusian PP celebrated 28-F with the display of flags on the façade of its Autonomous Headquarters

• Moreno proclaimed the PP as the "only alternative" in Andalusia, the only ones with a differentiated project

• "28-F has to belong to everyone, the Junta is not from the PSOE, nor does the flag represent an ideology"

The president of the Andalusian PP, Juanma Moreno, celebrated the Andalusia Day party at the Autonomous Headquarters of this political formation together with the president of the PP of Seville, the general secretary, Loles López, and other public officials of the party. Moreno was convinced that, at this time, "we are the answer for those who want new airs" in the Andalusian government.

Juanma Moreno proclaimed the PP as the "only alternative" in our land, the only ones with a differentiated project. "Others have been able to influence so that the policy changed after the elections, so that there would be a different government, and the changes have been minimal."

For the leader of the Andalusian PP, "28-F has to be a party for all Andalusians, they are the protagonists and not a political party." He criticized that the socialists appropriate the institutions, "the Board is not from the PSOE and the white and green flag does not represent any ideology", while recalling that governing does not legitimize anyone to distribute cards of good and evil Andalusian.

"Andalusia moves us", the motto of the campaign presented by the Andalusian PP to commemorate the anniversary of 28-F was present in the speech of the president of this formation. "We are moved by ambition for the future, we are an ambitious party, determined to break the conformism and resignation that the PSOE has nurtured for so many years."

Moreno defined the PP as a political force "committed to the bone" with Andalusia, "we are trustworthy, we are loyal, we have a project for the future and we are going out to win the next regional elections for the Andalusians, for their future."