• The Andalusian PP files a complaint with the Transparency Council, as it did in October with the Budget Law

• Carmen Crespo: «Díaz's mouth fills with transparency but in the end everything is wet paper»

The spokesperson for the Andalusian PP Parliamentary Group, Carmen Crespo, today denounced the "lack of transparency" and the "obscurantism" of the Andalusian government regarding the Entrepreneurship Promotion Bill, approved by the Governing Council this Monday, which that has motivated the PP to file a complaint with the Transparency Council.

The Andalusian government has not published the text of the draft on the Transparency Portal of the Junta when sending it to the Advisory Council, as required by article 13.1b of Law 1/2014 of June 24 on Public Transparency of Andalusia; a fact that has been reviewed by the Consultative in its opinion on this bill.

This is a recurring attitude in the Díaz government, which also did not publish the 2017 Budget Bill, which led to the presentation of a complaint by the PP before the Transparency Council. The Council agreed with the PP in concluding that the Ministry of Finance had breached the "active publicity obligation" established by law, and required that "hereinafter" publish the bills on the Transparency Portal at the time they were published. the opinion of the Advisory Council is requested.

"Díaz's mouth fills with transparency, but in the end everything is worthless," said the popular spokesperson, who regretted that "at the first opportunity" the Board has once again failed to comply with the mandate. "The Board has to be the first to comply with the law," Crespo said.

For the popular spokesperson, this "serious fault" responds to Susana Díaz's desire "that the information from the Board arrive as late as possible", as well as the "lack of control" that has caused "the two years that she has spent in trouble of the primaries.

In addition, he demanded from the government an "immediate rectification, that someone assume responsibilities, and the commitment that it will not occur again."