• The general secretary of the PP-A maintains that "just by lifting a corner of the carpet" we are already seeing a 1.200 million euro deficit in education and a 1.700 million deficit in health.
• Remind Montero that she is the one that has made the Andalusians pay the most taxes.

The general secretary of the Andalusian Popular Party, Loles López, during a visit to the Huelva municipality of Valverde del Camino, has warned that the Junta de Andalucía is "raising the rugs" and by "just raising a pick we are already finding more sinkholes than holes”.

In this sense, he has lamented that the socialist inheritance is leaving so far 418 million euros in sentences, 1.200 million deficit in education and 1.700 million deficit in health.

For this reason, she has been "surprised" by the statements of the Minister of Finance on the Andalusian accounts, reminding her that Montero "has been the Andalusian Minister of Finance who has made the Andalusians pay the most taxes" and the one who has done " the worst budget in the history of Andalusia”.

López has indicated that "this is what the Andalusian government of the PSOE has left" and, despite the fact that "it seems that Montero is the one who is opposing us", chosen by Pedro Sánchez to overshadow Susana Díaz, "we are clear that we are going to work for the Andalusians” and do it “counting on the professionals”.

Faced with this, the government of change of Juanma Moreno brings with it the professionalization of regional health by having workers after 40 years of PSOE in which the health of Andalusians has been up and down solely political decisions.

In this sense, López explained that "an example of this is the creation of a working group made up of health professionals who will be the ones who decide which are the infrastructures and the needs that must be carried out in each province."