• He affirms that the "protagonist" of this stability is Juanma Moreno and his "permanent capacity for dialogue and agreement with everyone"
• Criticizes the "embarrassment" of the auction of ministries between PSOE and Podemos "cheered" by Susana Díaz and highlights the "failure" of Pedro Sánchez for "his inability to reach agreements"

The general secretary of the Andalusian Popular Party, Loles López, has described as a "failure" by Pedro Sánchez the result of the investiture session that culminated yesterday in the Congress of Deputies, a failure that "keeps Spain without a government three months after the elections".

López, has lamented "Sánchez's inability to reach agreements, because the PSOE and Pedro Sánchez only agree to destroy, they never agree to build."

Thus, he has pointed out that "in recent days what we have seen is the game of armchairs between PSOE and Podemos, the auction of ministries and some political leaders, Pedro Sánchez and Pablo Iglesias, who have been constantly looking at their navels and who have put their partisan and personal interests to those of the Spaniards, and that is what causes Spain to continue without a government today”.

"The failure of Sánchez is the failure of the PSOE, because after three months it has not been able to present a program to improve the lives of the Spaniards."

Likewise, he pointed out that "while this embarrassment was happening, we have seen Susana Díaz happy about the blockade and that Spain did not have a government." Thus, he insisted, "things change, because I remember Susana Díaz leading a rebellion against Sánchez for holding the hand of the populists and independentistas, and she has gone from that to cheering for Pedro Sánchez to agree with the populists, and with the abstention of the independentistas”. In this way, she has affirmed that "Susana Díaz is only interested in Susana Díaz, we see it every day in Andalusia when she exercises opposition and that is why we see her permanent inconsistency."

Faced with this situation, López pointed out that "in this sea of ​​uncertainty that Sánchez has generated in Spain there is, fortunately, an island of stability that is Andalusia." The general secretary of the popular Andalusians has affirmed that "the protagonist of this stability is the Andalusian president, Juanma Moreno, because he is capable of conversing with everyone, because he puts the general interest of Andalusians above any personal or partisan interest and for above ideologies.

"Juanma Moreno has managed to get the most social budgets in the history of Andalusia to go ahead and, in addition, for the first time in history, amendments from all political groups have been approved," he continued.

"The protagonist of that is called Juanma Moreno, because every day he practices dialogue and agreement with everyone and without looking at political colors." For this reason, she has added, "Andalusia has stability, Andalusia is growing, Andalusia is beginning to attract investment, it lowers taxes and has good data."

Finally, López lamented that "the PSOE has not learned this new way of doing politics, the one practiced by Juanma Moreno: dialogue and consensus with everyone." "I hope that the PSOE begins to see that above them and their interests is the true political vocation: the interest of the Andalusians and the Spanish."