• Ensures that "Andalusian healthcare needs fewer politicians and more professionals, fewer ties and more gowns"

• It also transfers the commitment of the PP to provide Valverde del Camino with a second emergency team from Monday to Thursday

The general secretary of the Andalusian PP and number one for Huelva in Parliament, Loles López, has opted this Friday for the salary equalization of Andalusian health professionals with the national measure to "dignify" their work, a proposal that, as she has commented, has been It is among the "main commitments of the Popular Party with the Andalusians." "For the PP, people's lives are essential and, therefore, health is the first priority for our party."

“The health deficit that exists in Huelva is an example of the ineffectiveness of 40 years of socialist government, sustained in this legislature by Ciudadanos. In recent years we have seen strong mobilizations in the streets of Huelva and Andalusia carried out by both users and professionals”, point in which he recalled the recent demonstrations by Primary Care professionals in most of the Andalusian provinces , including Huelva.

For this reason, after affirming that "the SAS is exhausted after 40 years", López has assured that "a change is necessary" and that this "guarantee of change" will only come from the hand of Juanma Moreno and the Andalusian PP.

Loles López, who has visited Valverde del Camino today, has placed the Huelva municipality as an "example" of the "deficit" that exists in health matters. Faced with this situation, he has listed the main proposals of the Andalusian PP for the upcoming elections to be held on December 2. "We have a firm commitment to quality healthcare, to restore the dignity of Huelva's healthcare that the PSOE and Ciudadanos have taken away from it."

Proposals that go through increasing the number of professionals in order to shorten the waiting lists for an operation, a diagnostic test or for consultations with specialists; for the salary equalization of health professionals with the national average and for them to have the ten minutes they demand to care for patients.

“The toilets are clamoring in the street to have ten minutes to care for the life of a person, ten minutes to practice their profession and their vocation, which is none other than saving lives. They should not even ask for this ”, she exclaimed, while demanding the depoliticization of health. "The SAS needs fewer politicians and more professionals, fewer ties and more gowns."

Likewise, it has transferred to the residents of Valverde del Camino the promise of the Andalusian PP to provide a second emergency team to the municipality from Monday to Thursday.

Finally, the number one for Huelva to the Parliament has appealed to the responsibility of the people of Huelva and Andalusia to "put an end to 40 years of socialism in Andalusia" which, as he pointed out, "in health matters has only brought suffering to the citizens because of the multiple deficiencies of the SAS”. “The opportunity to change things in Andalusia is on December 2. And that change is called the Popular Party ”, she has concluded.