• Denounced that "PSOE and Ciudadanos have given a morsel of 150 euros to families of mileuristas in the last legislature" because of the 'decree' to Infant Schools

• "We guarantee that the cycle from 0 to 3 years will not be broken, we will review the price of the places with the sector and we will start a dialogue to prepare a new decree that adjusts to their real needs"

The general secretary of the Andalusian PP and number one for Huelva in Parliament, Loles López, has assured, after meeting this Tuesday with representatives of Infant Schools in the Huelva capital, that "the PP will guarantee free education from 0 to 3 years."

López explained that the 'decree' that Susana Díaz and Ciudadanos launched in this legislature "meant putting their hand in the pocket of fathers and mothers." "So -he continued-, a mileurista family pays an average of 150 euros a month to take their child to a kindergarten".

In this sense, the number one for Huelva has stressed that this event was also "a heavy blow" to nursery schools because "it left them without resources" and some "on the brink of closure."

“Mrs. Díaz and Ciudadanos cannot talk about conciliation and allow that, because of this 'decree', families have to turn to grandparents or renounce conciliation because they cannot pay for a place in nursery schools. In addition to hitting a bite of 150 euros to the mileurista families in the last legislature because of the decree ”, she has stated.

For all this, López has affirmed that the Popular Party will extend the free period to the stage from 0 to 3 years, "counting for this on the existing exclusive first cycle centers of Early Childhood Education, which offer the complete first cycle." Thus, he has pointed out that "the non-breaking of the cycle will also be guaranteed and the price of the places will be reviewed according to the sector". At this point, he recalled that the promise of the PP to Nursery Schools is to "start a dialogue to develop a new decree that meets the real needs of nurseries."

López has shown the backing and support of the PP for Public Infant Schools, “especially neglected by the Junta de Andalucía. With the permanent lack of personnel and with economic problems to face the maintenance of the centers”. And, also, to the Adhered Nursery Schools, which has recalled that "it is a sector that covers practically 90% of the Andalusian population from 0 to 3 years of schooling, "to which it still owes money from the previous agreement regime, being a sector dissatisfied with the new regulation of Adhesion of the centers, which does not favor either schools or families ”.

Finally, Loles López has insisted that, with a PP government in the Junta de Andalucía "the commitment is to pay in time and form" to nursery schools, "so that they do not see themselves in the dramatic situation that many are experiencing now" .