• The general secretary of the PP intervenes in the convention 'The Budgets of Change in Andalusia'
• "Here it does not stop, the accounts have been approved but we continue to work with them"
• “Budgets have improved thanks to the contribution of all parliamentary groups. It is the first time that this has happened thanks to the PP's ability to dialogue"
The general secretary of the Andalusian Popular Party, Loles López, highlighted this Thursday that the PP has demonstrated once again "that it is the party of dialogue in Andalusia" after the approval of the Budget Law project for 2019. During the convention 'Los Budgets of the Change of Andalusia' that the popular ones have celebrated in Carmona, López has stressed that "the PP does not stop and after the approval of the accounts, they continue to work with them."

He recalled that the first non-socialist accounts in Andalusia "are the most social in history, since they increase the items for Health, Education and Dependency by 1.700 million", three sectors "of which the PSOE was the flag but which the Government of change has discovered that they were the three great deceptions of socialism and of Susana Díaz, who hid half a million patients on the waiting list in drawers to disguise the data”.

The general secretary did not forget that the accounts "finally lower taxes for all Andalusians", and that the 99% discount on Inheritance and Donations tax will make "Andalusians compare to those of other communities and are not , at least in this aspect, discriminated against and paying more taxes than in the rest of the country”.

The dialogue of the Government of change has also been highlighted by López, given that "it is the first time that the accounts have amendments from all the groups in Parliament because dialogue has predominated." For this reason the budgets “have improved thanks to the contribution of all the groups”.

Lastly, he stressed that the Government of Juanma Moreno has been in charge of the Junta de Andalucía for six months and that "a huge effort" will continue to be made to make this land "a leader in job creation, attract more and better investors , eliminate bureaucratic obstacles to entrepreneurs and reduce the shameful unemployment rate that the PSOE has left behind. In short, create wealth and create employment”. For all this, "there is much to be done but from the Popular Party there is a lot of desire and strength to continue working for Andalusia", he concluded.