• He affirms that "the previous socialist government swept under the rug half a million Andalusians from the waiting lists to cover up their disability"
• Pointed out that "health does not understand vacations or holidays" and applauds the Andalusian Government's Shock Plan that includes the opening of operating rooms in the afternoons to alleviate waiting lists
• Stresses that Juanma Moreno "is restoring to health the dignity that the PSOE tried to take away"
The general secretary of the PP-A, Loles López, accused the PSOE today during her speech at the appearance on waiting lists in Parliament of "lying to the Andalusians to continue maintaining the farce that they were the defenders of health, with an electoral discourse that would give them votes; he traded health for votes.”

A "farce", he stressed, that the Andalusians did not believe because "unfortunately almost all of us have experienced it at some time, in the first person, in our family or in our environment".

López affirmed that the data on the waiting lists of our health made public by the Ministry of Health and Families "uncover a great lie of the PSOE, a massive deception of Andalusians playing with the most sensitive thing, which is our health and that of our families”.

The popular leader recalled "from the Andalusian PP we had been denouncing for many years that the waiting lists were made up and, despite this, reality has exceeded any forecast: the socialist government swept half a million Andalusians under the rug to cover their inability".

López, likewise, accused the PSOE of "resorting to the discourse of fear and fanning the specter of privatizations" to hide its disastrous management. In this regard, he recalled that "in 2018 Susana Díaz allocated 155 million to concerts with private health centers."

On the other hand, he maintained, "now we have a government that tells the truth and shows that improving health is one of its great priorities" and in this line he recalled the Shock Plan, worth 25,5 million aimed at lightening the lists of wait sanitary. "Health does not understand vacations or holidays," he said, referring to the opening of operating rooms in the afternoons and on weekends to reduce waiting lists.

In addition, he explained that "in 60 days of government it has been shown that change has reached Andalusian health" with measures such as a stabilization plan for health professionals; a return plan for professionals; the elaboration of a new plan for the prevention and care of aggressions; or the new map of health infrastructures in which the criteria of the professionals are available.

Lastly, Loles López indicated that "this government is giving dignity to healthcare in Andalusia" and remarked that "it demonstrates with facts that healthcare is a priority in its management and that while the PSOE hid half a million Andalusians under the rug in waiting list, this government cares about professionals and patients”.