• Regrets that Sánchez rejects Feijóo's "clear and responsible" proposals, which go through a tax cut as the surrounding European countries do

• The investment of Juanma Moreno in hydraulic infrastructures for the province of Huelva stands out: “We give everything for this land; others, only for their party”

The general secretary of the PP of Andalusia, Loles López, has contrasted the commitment of her formation "to work permanently for citizens to improve their lives" with the socialist model, ensuring that since Espadas Cejas is at the head of the PSOE in Andalusia "no has offered not a single proposal for this land" because "Espadas Cejas contributes to Andalusia the same as Pedro Sánchez to the economy of Spain, irresponsibility, lack of measures and many fallacies".

For this reason, he has asked the PSOE to "reconsider" so that it "returns to being a useful party for Andalusians and Spaniards" instead of continuing to be "the party that deteriorates the quality of life of families."

In this regard, López has criticized that the Sánchez government acts again from "the order and command" and with "unilateralism" imposing a decree "that is stillborn and does not provide solutions" to the problems that the country is suffering, which it has just faced an economic and social crisis after the pandemic and an increase in inflation for a year, which are now being aggravated by the situation generated by the invasion of Ukraine.

López has highlighted the "responsibility" of the popular for the meeting held by the president of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, with the president of the central Executive, Pedro Sánchez, "to make clear proposals that go through a reduction in taxes, like European countries around us are doing”, something that “unfortunately” Sánchez has not accepted.

For this reason, the Secretary General has warned that "if the economy does not work, you cannot talk about employment or services", since this is "a fundamental pillar for people's lives" in which the Government should work of Sánchez as the PP does, “either from the government or from the opposition”. Thus, she has assured that "in the end the PP will have to come again to get us out of the ruin in which the socialist governments leave us."

In a visit to the SAT Condado de Huelva cooperative, in Rociana del Condado (Huelva), Loles López has valued the investment of the Government of Juanma Moreno in this legislature in hydraulic infrastructures in the province of Huelva that amounts to 164 million euros in these three years and they are of enormous importance for the agriculture of the province, "a job, that of Huelva farmers, that we recognize in the face of those parties that disrespect them and call them slaveholders."

"Now that we govern the Junta de Andalucía, we can talk about hydraulic infrastructures for the province of Huelva, which is essential for agriculture, a commitment from the Government of Juanma Moreno in the absence of the Government of Sánchez", as is also the case with other measures such as tax cuts, drought decree and aid to productive sectors. “In the PP we are willing to give everything for this land; others, only for their party”.