• Calls on the Ministry to "pay healthcare professionals what they deserve and not subject them to 11-hour workdays"

• The general secretary of the Andalusian PP visits the Hospital del Guadalhorce, announced in 2005 and inaugurated this year but which only functions as a health center

The general secretary of the Andalusian PP, Loles López, has assured this Wednesday that the Andalusian public health "is making water, but Mrs. Díaz only throws the lifeline to her senior officials", and has given as an example the bonuses paid to more than a hundred of directors of the SAS and the relocation in the Andalusian Energy Agency of the former Minister of Health.

This morning, López visited the Hospital del Guadalhorce, in Cártama (Málaga), announced by the Junta 12 years ago and inaugurated this year by Susana Díaz but only with the benefits of a health center. This act is part of the round of visits that the Andalusian PP has been developing throughout the summer to health centers to verify the result of the Summer Plan for substitutions.

Loles López has assured that Díaz "inaugurated this building in an attempt to clean up his image, but when you walk through the door you realize that there are no emergencies, there are no beds, there are no operating rooms...". “A photograph can serve to clean an image, but it does not save lives or cure diseases. It is misleading advertising, and in Health, misleading advertising is very harmful ”, he said.

The general secretary of the Andalusian PP has affirmed that, in their visits to health centers, the popular parliamentarians are verifying that the "Summer Plan is a plan of cuts, that casualties are not covered and the emergencies are collapsed."

In this sense, he has indicated that the Board has betrayed itself by launching an overtime plan whereby "health professionals cover each other's sick leave", instead of making new hires to deal with the absences due to holidays or illness. The SAS, through this plan, asks for volunteers among the doctors and nursing staff to extend their workday for four more hours, up to a total of 11-hour shifts. This situation can be repeated up to 14 days in a month or, what is the same, three and up to four times a week.

López has asked those responsible for the Ministry "if they have thought that this is a ranking to see who resists the most." He has opted for "paying the Andalusian Health professionals, who are highly trained, the salaries they deserve because now they are not well treated financially", and has demanded that the Ministry "do not submit them to a test to see who can stand more just so that she looks good”.

Loles López has made reference to two latest complaints from Satse in Malaga, one about non-compliance with the occupational risk prevention law (for not providing the newly hired staff with the necessary material and equipment) and another about the cuts in the staff of specialty nurses.

"Health care is leaking, and the problem is that Mrs. Díaz only throws the lifeline at political positions," said López, who recalled that the SAS "has paid more than 2 million euros to a hundred of its managers while fired 7.700 professionals”, as well as the relocation of the former Minister of Health in the Andalusian Energy Agency. “Here the lives that must be saved are those of the Andalusians”, pointed out Loles López, who has asked Díaz that “the next time he goes to take a photo in a hospital, do it when it is really working”.