• The general secretary of the PPA assures that the acting president of the Government is responsible for the political block that the country suffers
• "In Andalusia there is stability thanks to dialogue, which is the gasoline of the Government of change"

The general secretary of the Andalusian Popular Party, Loles López, regretted this morning that the acting President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has come "on vacation to Andalusia with an empty suitcase for the Andalusians", and has also stressed that Sánchez will be absent now "when you have all the work to do." “There is a political blockade currently. The person responsible is called Pedro Sánchez and all the indicators are already indicating a slowdown in the economy, ”she assured.

At a press conference in Seville, López stressed that Sánchez "is only concerned about his political position and that of his party." He gave as an example that more than a hundred days have passed since the elections were held "and we have only seen a cheap market for armchairs and now some meetings with groups related to the PSOE to hide that it has a government program, but it has nothing ”. And in this sense, he stressed: "The lack of stability has a name, and it is that of Pedro Sánchez."

Once again he insisted that the Government of Spain has the extended budgets of the Popular Party and that it is more than evident that "investment is slowing down, the deficit target is unknown and payments on account are not being received." "Why doesn't Pedro Sánchez give Andalusia the 400 million VAT or the 4.000 that he owes us from regional financing"? Regarding the latter, she recalled that despite the fact that when she was president she continually claimed it "Susana Díaz no longer chirps because she has a major leadership crisis." Thus, she assured that "the new faces of the PSOE in Andalusia are Calvo and Montero, who are slowly turning off the light for Susana Díaz."

The general secretary put the example of the Government of change in Andalusia in front of the instability of the country, where the economic indicators do show positive data for the management of Juanma Moreno. “Here there is stability thanks to dialogue, which is the gasoline of the Government of change. The indicators place us in the head and not in the tail. Andalusia is already in the locomotive and not in the wagon, ”she specified. Thus, she explained that "more than 300 measures have already been implemented to achieve these results because here is a government that wants to raise this land."

Finally, he again regretted that Sánchez "is on duty when it comes to solving problems, but to come to the official residence of Doñana he is not on duty," he concluded.