• "It is embarrassing that an Andalusian minister denies the Andalusians the money that corresponds to us so that Pedro Sánchez takes over the Government"
• "Susana Díaz has shown that, like Pedro Sánchez, she is only interested in her chair and that is why she prefers to keep quiet instead of defending the Andalusians"
The general secretary of the Andalusian Popular Party, Loles López, has indicated that "Pedro Sánchez, María Jesús Montero and Susana Díaz have become the greatest enemies of Andalusia" for denying the Andalusians the 1.350 million euros corresponding to the regional financing of 2019 that "they are essential for education, health and social services".

López has described as "embarrassing" the maneuver of the acting Executive of Pedro Sánchez, "capable of blackmailing citizens to take over the Government", while reiterating that from the PPA "we are not going to allow the Andalusians to be blackmailed ” or that “an Andalusian minister denies the Andalusians the money that corresponds to us”.

In this sense, the general secretary of the popular Andalusians has also recalled that the 1.350 million euros pending payment to the autonomous community by the Government of Spain is also added the 4.000 million euros that it must increase to supply the underfinancing of Andalusia.

"We want to safeguard the fundamental rights of Andalusians and that is why we are not going to allow Pedro Sánchez to put the well-being of Andalusia in the background while he kicks around the armchairs of La Moncloa, which is the only thing that interests him."
Likewise, he has rejected that Susana Díaz "lends" to the blackmail of Sánchez and Montero to the Andalusians and, therefore, does not say "no peep" when asked about regional financing, "shutting up instead of defending the Andalusians and the 1.350 million that Pedro Sánchez owes to our land”.

"Susana Díaz, like Pedro Sánchez, only cares about her chair", especially when the name of Montero "sounds more" in the PSOE of Andalusia than that of Díaz herself. "Díaz, Montero and Sánchez are demonstrating a lack of rigor and coherence that is an enormous irresponsibility and embarrassing blackmail carried out unfortunately by the PSOE."