• "Andalusia is crucial in the project of the Popular Party"
• Highlights that the two candidates who reach Congress "are clear that Andalusia needs a change of government that can only come from the hand of Juanma Moreno"

The general secretary of the Andalusian PP, Loles López, has been convinced that the 19th Extraordinary National Congress that the PP celebrates this weekend "will emerge a strong and united Popular Party, a winning PP, which is what Spain and Andalusia need" .
This is how the popular leader expressed herself upon her arrival in Congress, where she stressed that the process has been "a democratic and open example." "In the PP, only 100 endorsements are needed, and all those who have attended are trained people, with management and background," she said. She pointed out that "the militants already spoke in the first round, and now the delegates will speak."
The general secretary of the popular Andalusians added the fundamental role that the Andalusian PP has in the national project of the Popular Party. "We are the most populous autonomous community, the territorial organization with the largest number of affiliates," she said, while she recalled that "the first regional elections will be held in Andalusia."
"Andalusia is crucial in the project of the Popular Party," he reiterated.
At this point, he said that, before this weekend's meeting, the important thing is that "the two candidates are clear that a change of government is needed in Andalusia", which, he pointed out, "can only come from the hand of Juanma Dark".
Lastly, he praised the figure of Mariano Rajoy, who, he stressed, "has been a great president of the Spanish government and a great president of the party that has always put Spain ahead." In addition, he appreciated that he "said that he would remain neutral in this Congress and it has been so."