• 70% of the budget of the 2016 and 2017 self-employed Plan has not reached the self-employed
• Advocates for lowering the regional section of personal income tax by 1,5 points, eliminating bureaucracy, extending the Flat Rate to two years and a Zero Quota for young people and women

The general secretary of the Andalusian PP, Loles López, defended today in Córdoba new support measures for the self-employed because "it would be a mistake for Andalusia to continue with the current policies that crush those who maintain employment."

López pointed out that the self-employed are "a fundamental pillar for the Andalusian economy" and the PP government legislated with concrete measures that emanated from associations and that have benefited thousands of Andalusian self-employed.
However, he recalled that "the Andalusian government also has to pull the bandwagon because it has powers."

The general secretary of the PPA affirmed that "Díaz has the self-employed suffocated and with the rope around their necks." She recalled that, according to data from the Office of Budgetary Control, she has left 178 million euros of the 448 that the Entrepreneurship Promotion Program had in the 2017 Budget without investing.

He explained that also 70% of the budget of the 2016 and 2017 Plan for the self-employed "has not reached the self-employed, or it has remained in the drawer or has been allocated to something else".

Loles López pointed out that the PPA is committed to new policies for the self-employed, such as the 1,5-point drop in the regional income tax section and the elimination of bureaucracy, so that "whoever has an idea to implement does not have to go through 20 ticket windows different ministries, because in the end he gets bored and goes to another community to undertake because the Board answers him when a year and a half has passed.

He also advocated extending the Flat Rate of 50 euros to two years, like other communities, and for implementing the Zero Quota during the first two years for young people under 30 and women to "facilitate the start-up of businesses". López pointed out that "these are measures that we have defended in Parliament and now we are taking to the streets with a campaign in defense and support of the self-employed."

The popular leader assured that "Andalusia is an autonomy from which thousands of freelancers throw away every day and deserve the support of all administrations because the main problem for people is employment and the self-employed and SMEs are job creators."