• The general secretary of the PP regrets the complicit silence of Díaz after the inauguration of the socialist Chivite as president of Navarra
• “She once again leaves Andalusia in the background, something she already did when she was president. He is not interested in the Andalusians doing well ”
The general secretary of the Andalusian Popular Party, Loles López, lamented this morning that Susana Díaz "has settled in radicalism and with her silence supports that the PSOE has preferred to govern in Navarra with the nationalists and under the permanent blackmail of the pro-ETA members in instead of letting the Constitutionalists rule.” In this sense, López acknowledged that she "hoped Susana Díaz would raise her voice, but days go by and she keeps a complicit silence," López criticized.
At a press conference, López insisted that once again "Díaz once again leaves Andalusia in the background, something that did not matter to him when he was president since he dedicated himself to the fight with Pedro Sánchez." Likewise, López continued, "now that she is in the opposition we continue to see that the only thing that matters to her is her, and then her party."
For this reason, he was blunt regarding Díaz's attitude: “We Andalusians feel very proud of being Andalusian and Spanish, of our Constitution and of the effort that was made in the Transition so that Spain would walk together. That silence from Díaz has left her in evidence.
In this sense, the general secretary also highlighted how Díaz falls into a clear contradiction: “She continually alludes and criticizes the support of Vox, but instead she does defend a government with the pro-ETARRAs. There is no greater contradiction."
Finally, after six months of the Government of the change, and when the improvements in Andalusia are already appreciated, the popular recalled that “Díaz does not like that the Andalusians do well. Instead of working for Andalusia, he is dedicated to defending with silence a government with the pro-ETARRAs. He does everything to hold his chair," López concluded.