· The general secretary of the Andalusian PP affirms that the registered unemployment data for May "points well to the great aspiration of Andalusians, which is job creation" and "confirms that the Andalusian-style pact works"

· Requires the PSOE to "stop tripping" the Faffe commission

The general secretary of the Andalusian Popular Party, Loles López, highlighted today in Parliament that "the well-being of Andalusians must be above ideologies" in a parliamentary process of the 2019 Budgets that has just begun and in which "There are no red lines" by the PP.

At a press conference, Loles has defended the "solidity and credibility" of the regional accounts presented by the Government of Juanma Moreno. Some accounts that are "rigorous and to execute one hundred percent" and that "have ended the refrain of cuts and dismantling of public services that the PSOE announced."

In this sense, he stressed that "these are the most social budgets in history", with more than 1.000 million for education, health and social policy, which promote economic growth and job creation and lower taxes for all Andalusians, especially the middle classes”. "They are budgets that look straight at the problems of Andalusians."

López has regretted that after the presentation of the 2019 Budgets, "some dedicate themselves to political warfare after running out of arguments." For this reason, he has demanded "high vision" from the rest of the parliamentary groups ”.

For López, after starting the parliamentary processing of the Budgets, it is time for dialogue with everyone and without red lines”. "The elections have ended and it is time to put the different ideologies aside and we are going to put all the political groups, the well-being of Andalusians and employment above those ideologies." That reflection, he has remarked, "must be done by all political groups."

Likewise, he has insisted that they are the Budgets of the "spirit of change, of the same spirit that was in the polls in December and that implies dialogue, because the order and command is over." "That dialogue is that we must all practice and if you want to improve those budgets, now is the time." "We want to reach agreements with all political groups" for which he has appealed for their responsibility.

At the same time, he has argued that “all political groups must also be clear about one thing; saying no to these Budgets is saying no to increasing the items in health, education and social policy; that is to say, not to reduce the enormous health and dependency waiting lists; that is to say, no to the reduction of taxes and the creation of employment”.

Precisely, in terms of employment, López has referred to the unemployment data that reveals that Andalusia led the drop in unemployment in May. These are some data, López stated, that "point well to the great aspiration of Andalusians, which is job creation." "We must continue working, but there are already many data that confirm that the government of change and the Andalusian pact work."


Finally, in relation to the Faffe commission, which has held a new session today in Parliament in which the Work Plan presented by the PP has been approved, whose objectives are that "the whole truth is discovered and that the defrauded money will be recovered. In this sense, he has demanded that the PSOE "stop tripping" and "obstructing the work to find out what happened in the Faffe."

“Until now, the PSOE has not been seen to be serious in the Budgets, nor to know how to put the Andalusians above ideologies, nor is it being seen any interest in transparency and in knowing the truth of the defrauded money ”.