• “With the PSOE in the Andalusian government, the carpets are not going to be raised and the money is not going to be recovered. It will only be possible with a PPA government”
• "We have seen an arrogant and especially nervous attitude, it has been unable to distance itself from the greatest corruption in Spain, which is that of the PSOE-A"

The general secretary of the Andalusian PP, Loles López, affirmed that the appearance of Susana Díaz today in the Senate shows that "her only objective is to cover up the corruption of the PSOE." She pointed out that "we have seen a superb attitude and a particularly nervous president, who has been unable to distance herself from the greatest corruption in Spain, which is that of the PSOE in Andalusia."

In the opinion of the popular leader, "it has become clear that Díaz is incapable of leading regeneration and ending corruption in Andalusia because he has chosen to cover it up."

López considered today's appearance useful, since the Andalusians will be able to take into account that "with the PSOE in the government of the Junta, the carpets are not going to be raised or the defrauded money is going to be recovered."

He added that "the PPA is the only party that pursues corruption and that is involved in 200 cases opened in the courts for PSOE irregularities."

The general secretary of the PPA pointed out that Díaz has had today “a golden opportunity to distance himself from corruption and keep his word to fight against irregularities. He “had to choose between his party and the Andalusians, and he has chosen the latter”.

He affirmed that Díaz has maintained the same obstructionist attitude in the Senate that he has had since he was president. She recalled that Díaz "has put sticks in the wheel of the judicial investigation, has tried to block the parliamentary investigation and has become a defense attorney for her predecessors and political godfathers, Manuel Chaves and José Antonio Griñán."

He reproached Díaz for not having explained whether he continues to support Chaves and Griñán after the "devastating" report by the Prosecutor's Office that indicates that the former presidents. Neither, he said, has he explained anything about the agreements he signed with the UGT for the use of PSOE headquarters in charge of training courses or the UDEF investigation on former counselor Ojeda, who points out that he was left with 3,6 million euros of training courses

López censured that Díaz has chosen to "play the victim instead of giving explanations for all these cases in which the PSOE has used money and public institutions in Andalusia for its benefit."