· Supports the 'Decalogue to Restart Huelva' as a "commitment to a green city, employment and culture"

· Call to compare the "endorsements" of the candidates: "The waiting list plan and the reopening of the pain units of Juanma Moreno or the auction of medicines of Montero"

The general secretary of the Andalusian PP, Loles López, supported today the candidate for mayor of Huelva, Pilar Marín, in the presentation of the 'Decalogue to Restart Huelva' and affirmed that “you have to choose between two ways of governing and doing politics, between the PP that creates jobs and lowers taxes or the PSOE that raises them by 26.000 million and wants to impose the auction of medicines throughout Spain”.

López affirmed that Pilar Marín has the "endorsement" of the policies of Juanma Moreno, "who has lowered taxes, has eliminated the Inheritance and Donations tax, has launched a shock plan against the health waiting lists and has promised to reopen the pain units in Huelva this summer ”.

He added that, however, the endorsement of the PSOE candidate by the acting Minister of the Treasury, María Jesús Montero, "who introduced the auction of medicines in Andalusia and now wants to impose it throughout Spain, which made Andalusians become Spanish that we paid more taxes and that the Ministry is going to raise our taxes by 26.000 million”.

He assured that "this is the policy that the socialist candidate wants to practice and with which he identifies", for which he affirmed that if he governs "that the people of Huelva hold their pockets."


For her part, Pilar Marín stated that the 'Decalogue to Restart Huelva' is “a contract with the people of Huelva and, more than proposals, it is a management plan that has a clear model for Huelva as a green European city”.

He added that this "green strategy" for Huelva supports pillars of his management such as "employment and training in collaboration with the Junta de Andalucía", the "participation of all Huelva residents" and "adequate public services for all neighborhoods in conditions of equality”.