● Presents the electoral program for the province of Huelva and highlights that the PP has "the strength, the desire and a proven management capacity"
● Bet on decent public health and to eliminate the auction of medicines. In López's opinion, "health is neither sold nor auctioned"
● Regrets that the alliance between PSOE and IU and Ciudadanos "has not contributed anything" for Huelva in the last two legislatures

The general secretary of the Andalusian PP and number one for Huelva in Parliament, Loles López, presented this morning the image of the electoral campaign for the 2D elections, as well as the general lines of the Popular Party program for Huelva. Together with the rest of the men and women who make up the list "of illusion" of the PP of Huelva, López has assured that "it is time for change." “Huelva has to take off and it will do so with Juanma Moreno and the Andalusian PP. We have the strength, the desire and a proven management capacity”.
In this sense, López has made a parallel based on her own experience as a former mayor of Valverde del Camino. “What I am seeing in the Junta de Andalucía, I have already experienced in Valverde: defaults, mistreatment of citizens and money ending up in embarrassing places. The PSOE had been there for almost 40 years, but the time for change came and the PP ruled. Today in Valverde suppliers are paid, works are carried out, there is culture, sports and life, and we want the same thing for Huelva, to put it on the map. We have to take the leap ”, she stated.
Regarding the electoral program, López has commented that it "responds to the needs of Andalusia and Huelva", emphasizing the eight annexes, "with eight proper names", of which one is Huelva.
Thus, the number one for Huelva in Parliament has listed the "road map" of the PP in Huelva. “We want quality healthcare, the necessary infrastructures for the province to be put in place, quality education; We are going to bet on a massive reduction in taxes, to eliminate bureaucracy, which only hinders those who create jobs every day, and for more investment in agriculture and fishing in Huelva”.
In this line, López has highlighted that the PP "will eliminate the auction of medicines", because "health is neither sold nor auctioned" and has criticized that the Board "has Huelva isolated" in terms of infrastructure. “How long are tourism going to limit us, being one of the economic engines of the province?” He asked himself.
In terms of Agriculture, it has valued the work of the PP at the provincial, regional and national level to achieve the first transfer and, now, to approve the second transfer in the Senate. At this point, he has placed emphasis on remembering that the PP “walks alone and no one is going to divert us from that path. It is necessary and we are going to modify the Corona Norte Plan so that water reaches all farmers”.
López, for all this, has demanded that the people of Huelva "rise at the polls" just as they did on February 28. “We want Huelva and Andalusia to be at the head and not at the bottom of Europe. It's already good 40 years of the same. There is only one guarantee of change and of the future, and that change is called Juanma Moreno and Partido Popular”.
In relation to the latter, López regretted that IU and Ciudadanos, "the two parties that have supported the PSOE in the last two legislatures", have not made any contribution to improve the lives of the people of Huelva.