The general secretary of the Andalusian PP, Loles López, today claimed a "leading Andalusia that contributes to strengthening Spain" in the face of the rupturism proposed by the PSOE with the debate on plurinationality.

For López it is a debate "created internally to give prominence to the acronyms of a party", but that "can do a lot of damage to Andalusia, because the asymmetry it raises is synonymous with inequality."

This is how the popular leader has pronounced minutes before participating in the tribute to Blas Infante on the 81st anniversary of the execution of the Father of the Andalusian Nation in Seville.

He said that the best tribute that the parties in Andalusia can pay to Blas Infante is "to build an Andalusia that is a leader", for which, he stressed, it is necessary to "leave ideologies aside" and "work together".

“For a strong Andalusia to exist, strong healthcare, strong education, strong social policies, a strong business fabric are necessary”; "To achieve this leadership, a government is necessary that knows how to manage and that has its priorities in the needs and projects of the Andalusians, and we do not have that with the PSOE," he added.

"Beyond the divergences or political discrepancies, the best tribute to the Father of the Andalusian Homeland is a Pact for a leading Andalusia that contributes to strengthening Spain in which the priority is the well-being of the Andalusians," he reiterated.

He argued that to achieve this objective "we have an instrument as powerful as autonomy", at which point he regretted that the PSOE "uses autonomy to propose disruptive positions with its debate on plurinationality".

For the general secretary of the Andalusian PP "this is a debate that does not bring anything good" for the community, and before which, she stressed, "ambiguous or equidistant positions such as that of Susana Díaz do not fit".

In this sense, he insisted that Díaz "cannot maintain a speech of ambiguities or equidistances", for which he demanded that the president of the Board "pronounce now whether or not he agrees with what his party is doing" .

In addition, he linked this "ambiguity" of Susana Díaz to a rapprochement between the PSOE and Podemos. "Every day we see it reflected both in the municipalities and in the Chamber, that the PSOE and Podemos are increasingly united," he said, at which point he referred to the situation in the government of Castilla La Mancha, chaired by the Socialist Emiliano García-Page, in which today two members of Podemos have joined the regional government in a Vice Presidency and a Ministry.