• The PPA asks to set aside ideologies and put the well-being of Andalusians above all else.
• "We govern for the Andalusians", while with the socialist governments "rights were cut" and "what should not be done with the funds for employment" was done.
The general secretary of the Andalusian Popular Party, Loles López, has maintained that "it will be very difficult not to the budgets for change" presented today by the Minister of Finance in the Andalusian Parliament, which are "the most social in history" and the that "will create employment".

López has stressed that "the budgets for change are the budgets of the people" and, for this reason, he has asked the rest of the political groups to "separate ideologies and put the well-being of Andalusians above all else."

The popular has pointed out that "there are two very different ways of governing", warning that while "some governed for themselves, we govern for the Andalusians."

Thus, he has defended the accounts of the Government of Change, with 5.000 million euros for job creation, against the policies of the previous executives. "Today we have seen how four former high-ranking officials of the PSOE have been sentenced for doing with the funds for employment what was not said to be done."

Likewise, he has also ensured that "while others cut rights, we ensure those rights for all Andalusians" with the "most social budgets in history" and more than 1.000 million euros for social policies.