• He showed documents with the PSOE logo where they are invited to rallies in Parliament on the day of the Investiture.
• Martín criticized that these documents include a bus service in an escrache to the will of the citizens

The Vice Secretary of Organization, Training and Electoral of the Andalusian PP, Toni Martín, today accused Susana Díaz of "encouraging the first escrache" to Parliament, on the occasion of the investiture of the leader of this formation, Juanma Moreno, as president of the Board from Andalusia.

Martín has criticized that, before the celebration of this full investiture of Parliament, Susana Díaz "refuses to accept this situation and tries to torpedo with all confessable and unspeakable instruments."

As he explained in his appearance, while yesterday Susana Díaz affirmed that she was going to facilitate the change of government and that she did not question the legitimacy of the new one, "at that same time, calls and announcements were already circulating with the PSOE logo calling for participate in the first escrache to the Parliament of Andalusia during the most important day, that of the inauguration of the president ».

Martín has shown a document where he is invited to attend rallies on the 15th with the PSOE logo, which includes a bus service. "These are public resources available to anyone who wants to participate in this first escrache to Parliament, that is, it can be understood as an escrache to the will of citizens who have freely expressed themselves at the polls."

The leader of the Andalusian PP has asked Díaz for "institutional height and to abandon his anti-democratic attitude by supporting these escraches" and to show "loyalty to Andalusia and respect for Parliament."

He has also affirmed that in the face of the "inequalities that the socialist government has created, now the government of real equality in Andalusia will arrive." Specifically, "gender and geographical equality, the marginalization and attack of people for thinking differently from the way the ruling party thinks is going to end."