• Toni Martín warns that the rise in diesel will especially affect Andalusia, where filling the tank will cost 7,5 euros more

• The PP defends on Wednesday in Parliament its Bill to reduce the rates of the regional section of personal income tax by 1,5%

• The text incorporates up to 19 new tax deductions based on the personal and family circumstances of the taxpayer and benefits medium and low incomes.

• Collect deductions for housing, paternity leave, childcare expenses, expenses for university studies outside the province, or domestic help, among others.

The Deputy Secretary for Organization of the Andalusian PP, Toni Martín, today denounced the policy of raising taxes and "tax crushing the pocket of Spaniards and Andalusians" of the government of Pedro Sánchez. “Since he accessed the Presidency of the government through the cat flap, Sánchez has done nothing but throw 'stones' at the Andalusians. The PSOE governments always suppose more taxes, and Sánchez has begun to announce that they are raised from the first day, ”said the popular leader.

The deputy secretary for Organization of the Andalusian PP warned that the rise in the price of diesel that Pedro Sánchez has announced will especially affect Andalusia, where, "in addition to the brutal damage to the pockets of the middle classes", the main people affected by the tax will be the 30.000 professionals who are going to see their activity get complicated.

Martín wondered "why, if it is a matter of equating the taxes on diesel to those of gasoline, those of the latter do not go down instead of those of diesel going up", and insisted that Sánchez's "stone" will cost us Andalusians 7,5 euros more each time we fill the tank of our vehicle.

He explained the rise is not the same in all Communities. "The increase would be divided into two parts: an increase in the tax on hydrocarbons of 9,5 cents per liter and a rise of 4,8 cents to match the regional fuel tax," he explained.

In this sense, he clarified that, to this day, nine autonomous communities already collect this tax. "Therefore, the price of diesel in these regions would rise 9,5 cents per liter -7,8% compared to the current price-".

However, in Andalusia the rise would be much higher, 14,3 cents -11,7% more-. "The Autonomous Community where the increase in the price of diesel will cause a greater outlay is Andalusia, with 190 million euros that will mean the global increase, a blow to the economy of families, that every time they fill the tank and pay 7,5 .XNUMX euros more will remember Pedro Sánchez ”, he stated.

“Especially concerned with this measure is the group of self-employed, light carriers, taxi drivers, delivery men, commercial agents; they are horrified to think about how they can take on this brutal rise in fuel prices, ”he explained. For every professional gasoline vehicle, in Spain there are seven diesel vehicles.

The deputy secretary of the PP Andaluz added that "Sánchez thus joins the policies of Susana Díaz, who has turned Andalusia into one of the communities with the highest tax burden in Spain."

He denounced the "fiscal voracity" of the PSOE government, "which is going to be very expensive for us Spaniards and Andalusians", and said that the political project of the Andalusian PP is committed to lowering taxes, "which is the opposite of what it does the PSOE”, in order to “transform economic growth into more job creation”

"The self-employed, pensioners and Andalusian workers continue to pay more than the rest of the Spaniards because of the Andalusian socialist government, which manages a series of taxes ceded by the State to the community and manages them by keeping them higher than the rest of the regions of Spain," he said.


Martín has presented today in a press conference the Law Proposal that the Popular Group will defend next Wednesday in the Parliament of Andalusia to reduce one and a half points each of the autonomous sections of personal income tax and establish new tax benefits aimed at medium and low incomes.

The proposal includes 19 new regional tax deductions based on the personal and family circumstances of the taxpayer, such as the acquisition and rental of housing, the birth, adoption and fostering of minors, disability; or for reconciliation of family and work life, childcare expenses, or birth, adoption and fostering of minors. One of the tax benefits contemplated by the PP initiative is a regional deduction for paternity.

It also proposes tax deductions for concepts such as investment in R+D+I, language learning, acquisition of books and school supplies, and financing of master's and postgraduate courses; as well as for the purchase of orthopedic material, domestic help, or expenses for university studies of the children outside their province.

Finally, Toni Martín recalled that the PP is committed to lowering taxes "that directly affect economic activity", such as Property Transfers and Documented Legal Acts and the Donation Tax, "which continues to be abusive".