• "Faced with the stability, confidence and optimism that the Government of change has aroused in Andalusia, there is a political panorama in Spain that seems like a casino in which some and others bet on their personal interests above the interests of the Spanish people"
• The deputy general secretary of the PPA warns that "the changes that Susana Díaz plans are aimed at protecting herself from Sánchez and becoming politically entrenched"
The deputy secretary general of the Andalusian Popular Party, Toni Martín, today highlighted the "support" of the Andalusians for the Government of change, reflected in the first barometer of Public Opinion of Andalusia prepared by the Center for Andalusian Studies (Centra), against the " suspense” and the “leadership crisis” of the PSOE-A.

Speaking to the media in Almería, Martín warned that "the Andalusian PSOE is today submerged in a real crisis of leadership that has led them to lose the past December 2 nothing less than half a million votes regarding the result of Pedro Sánchez in Andalusia”.
"The Andalusian PSOE needs to regenerate, it needs to spend years in the opposition to be able to rebuild itself again as a possible government alternative that is not today" although, in the opinion of the popular, "it does not seem to be taking steps in the right direction."

In this sense, he has pointed out that "the changes that Susana Díaz plans rather seem aimed at protecting herself personally, to castle politically, to surround herself with her most faithful pawns to hold out in the bunker as long as possible in the face of the obvious intentions of Pedro Sánchez, which are removing her from her posts in the Andalusian Peso”. For Martín, "perhaps because of these internal battles, the PSOE and Susana Díaz fail in the evaluation of that barometer presented yesterday, prepared by the Center for Andalusian Studies."

Faced with this "general suspense" of Susana Díaz and the PSOE, "other leaders like Juanma Moreno do approve, they do generate confidence, and they do convince the Andalusians, and his party, the PP, would win the elections with the greatest direct intention of vote of the Andalusians, above the Andalusian PSOE”.

Referring to the barometer known yesterday, the deputy general secretary of the PPA has remarked that "what this survey says is that the Andalusians support the path of change undertaken by Juanma Moreno and his government, a path that has no turning back, the path of the future of Andalusia”.

Thus, he added that "compared to the stability, optimism, and confidence that Juanma Moreno and the government of change have aroused, there is the embarrassing spectacle of a Spain installed in misrule, with a political panorama that looks more like a casino where Some and others are betting on their personal and party interests, forgetting that behind them there is an entire country paralyzed with 47 million Spaniards waiting for someone to help them solve their problems; Faced with this spectacle, the demonstration that things can be done differently is in Andalusia”.

In the words of Martín, "Juanma Moreno is writing a new chapter in the history of Andalusia, a manual of things well done, from dialogue and from agreements that lead to improving things and that something so important and so important comes to Andalusia." hitherto unknown in politics as optimism”. For the popular, "for the first time the Andalusians are optimistic in the perception of the economic and political situation of Andalusia compared to the national one."

That means, he has concluded, that the Government of change "is generating positive expectations, that the Government of change is generating illusion after so many years of resignation to being the last, which was the only thing that the PSOE generated" for what he has considered that “we are on the right track, but it is only the beginning of the road. The best is yet to come".