• "The PGE are objectively good for Andalusia" both in investment and in social measures and there is no reason for the confrontation scenario"
• Trust in the desire of the Rajoy government to advance investment in Andalusia and "there should also be dialogue and a common position within the PSOE"
• "A whole generation of socialists 'does the longui' in the ERE case so as not to assume that we Andalusians have lost 800 million euros"
• "ETA's statement shows the victory of the Rule of Law and the death certificate of ETA, which was defeated and has to end up asking for forgiveness"

The vice-secretary for Organisation, Training and Electoral of the Andalusian PP, Toni Martín, highlighted today that "the PPA wears the Andalusian shirt to get
agreements that advance our community” and called on the PSOE and Susana Díaz to have “the same level of vision and put the interests of Andalusians ahead of those of their party to support the General State Budget (PGE)”.

Martín affirmed that the PGE "are objectively good for Andalusia" both in investment and in social measures such as the increase in pensions or the reduction in personal income tax for the lowest incomes, so "it would not be understood that Díaz and the PSOE do not support them , there is no reason for the confrontation scenario.”

The popular leader made reference to the next meeting between the Minister of Development and the Minister of Public Works on the investments of the PGE in Andalusia and fundamentally the railway axes. "It is a sign of the flexibility and desire of the Government of Spain to continue contributing to the development and future of Andalusia."

He added that "for progress to be made, one must have the will, as has happened with regional financing, in which Díaz has delegated the joint proposal of the Andalusian Parliament." He pointed out that "all the parties except Ciudadanos, which has thrown itself into the mountains and has been left alone, have put the interests of Andalusia before that of their parties to bring a common position to the CPFF on a new model that definitively buries the current approved socialist model by Rodríguez Zapatero who has done so much damage to Andalusia”.

He warned that "there should also be that dialogue and common position within the PSOE because we fear that an agreement between Díaz and Sánchez is complicated in view of the PSOE's internal roost."


Toni Martín also alluded to the trial of the ERE Case and assured that "it is sad" to see two former presidents on the bench accused of corruption crimes. He added that Chaves and Griñán "prefer to remain incapable than assume responsibility for their actions" and lamented that "a whole generation of socialists 'plays the long game' trying to hide in the distant place of silence so as not to assume that Andalusians have lost 800 millions of euros that should have reached the unemployed and ended up in the pockets of friends, cronies and applauders of the Andalusian PSOE regime”.


Finally, Martín affirmed that the statement from the terrorist group ETA evidences "the victory of the Rule of Law and the death certificate of ETA, which was defeated and has to end up apologizing." He added that it is "a selective repentance, from the strategy of taking a step forward without angering his own."


Toni Martín attended today in Malaga together with the President of NNGG-A, Kike Rodríguez, the Debate League of this organization in which more than 60 young people from all the Andalusian provinces participate. Rodríguez explained that the young people will discuss the unified university access test for all of Spain and pointed out that the objective of NNGG is "to offer society people who are prepared and committed to society."