• Values ​​the "courage" of the PP and its candidates in the defense "in solitude" of the unity of Spain, the fight against terrorism or the traditions • He underlines the "lack of maturity" of Vox when voting against the initiative of the PP to protect bullfighting.


The deputy secretary general of the Andalusian Popular Party, Toni Martín, described today as "shameful" that "the PSOE signs decrees with philoterrists and then questions the decree to lower taxes in Andalusia." In statements to the media during an electoral campaign act together with the number 1 candidate for Congress for Seville, Teresa Jiménez Becerril, the deputy secretary general of the Andalusian PP stressed the "courage" that defines the PP and its candidates. In this sense, he pointed out that "things have to be demonstrated and this party, for decades, has shown, alone, that it defends issues such as the unity of Spain, the fight against terrorism and that it does not receive lessons from anyone when it is talking about to defend the unity of Spain and the security of those of us who live here”. Thus, he affirmed that, "we have lived in amazement as an acting president of the Government signs decrees with ETA terrorists and then, in Andalusia, the PSOE questions the signing of decrees to lower taxes on Andalusians." For Martín, this attitude "is a real shame that defines the PSOE of Sánchez and the PSOE of Susana Díaz." Faced with this, Martín pointed out that "in Andalusia we are going to continue complying with Juanma Moreno's government program, which means lowering taxes for Andalusians" and indicated that "yesterday was a very important day because the tax on Inheritances and Donations in Andalusia", while recalling that "the massive tax reduction that Juanma Moreno had promised in the campaign is already underway and that it is beginning to become a reality in a Community that until now had been a true fiscal hell" . Martín, in the same way, insisted on the "courage" of the PP "to defend our traditions and our culture, something that we have also done alone." Thus, he highlighted the parliamentary initiative of the PP in defense of bullfighting approved yesterday in Parliament and that "gathered the feelings of the bullfighting sector, in what is the first step of that future law for the protection of bullfighting that will be approved by the government of Juanma Dark". Lastly, Martín stressed that “unfortunately, yesterday we were surprised to see the unusual event that Vox, the party whose mouths fill up when saying that it defends traditions, voted against this initiative together with Podemos”. For Martín, this fact demonstrates the "lack of maturity" of a party like Vox that "puts its immense ego before the needs of the Andalusian groups."