• Urges Díaz to rule on Pedro Sánchez's new policies on this matter

• He affirms that the Andalusians cannot wait another second for Díaz to come out of the state of shock after the appointment of Sánchez and get to work

• He asserts that Spain has always shown itself to be a country of solidarity but without so much publicity and without so many attempts to hang medals or obtain political gain as is happening with the new government.

The Vice-Secretary for Organisation, Training and Electoral of the Andalusian PP, Toni Martín, today demanded that the PSOE carry out a responsible immigration policy, at the same time that he has urged the President of the Board, Susana Díaz, to Let him say what he thinks of the new policies of the socialist government of Pedro Sánchez.

“We would like to know what Díaz thinks of these new policies. Some policies that must be responsible since the mafias are very intelligent and can realize that at a certain moment Spain can become a free port for their activities and we can have an undesired knock-on effect ”, he has sentenced.

Likewise, he has asserted that the silence that Díaz maintains in relation to this issue of immigration is surprising and has affirmed that it must respond now because "Andalusia is the community with the most kilometers of coastline that is in front of North Africa and is the first coast that immigrants find when crossing the sea, so it is important that we have a response to the avalanche that we are suffering and that may increase in the coming months.”

“We understand that Díaz is in a state of shock because his greatest political enemy has suddenly become president of the Government of Spain and because he is appointing his political enemies as ministers and government delegates. We want to remind you that there are 8 and a half million Andalusians who cannot be waiting for you to react and start working on issues such as immigration, regional financing or the problems that the US tariff policy is posing for agricultural products. Andalusians in recent weeks", he added.

The popular has referred to the arrival of the Aquarius ship in Spain and has stressed that what has been done with this matter is the same as it has always been done but without so much publicity and without so many attempts to hang medals or obtain political gain.

In this sense, he recalled that between yesterday and today a thousand immigrants have arrived on the Andalusian coast, which is equivalent to two ships like the Aquarius loaded with people. “All the people who have arrived are being cared for and they all receive the necessary health, social and reception services, but they do so without photographers and without publicity”, he added.

Finally, he indicated that Spain has always been a country of solidarity and it has demonstrated this, while recalling the important commitment that Spain has made in recent years within the European Union to carry out politics in the countries of origin through agreements with Morocco, Algeria, Mauritania, Senegal and with all those who are sources of these migratory flows that bring so many people to Spain and Andalusia, manipulated and extorted by the mafia networks that are dedicated to it.